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POP3 E mail What is it.

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  • Posted on : Mar 19, 2014
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  • By : Xavier N.

One of the major benefits of by having an access to the internet is that it enables you to transmit with others in real time. Chatting is one fine way of changing info, but e mails are ever so common in the world of net. However, only few peoples are actually aware of how their e mails get transferred from one e mail account to another. If you are concerned in instructing more about this, one of a typical most important things to understand is client server protocol.

What is POP3? .

Speaking of customer waiter communications protocol, POP3 is one of the most popular options. POP3 or Post Office Communications protocol 3 is actually the most recent version of a standard protocol that your net server uses to receive and take hold e mails for you. Your net server makes sure you don't have to face any progenies whenever you check your mailbox to download an e mail.

Now, the point you need to understand is that when you try to download any mail service, you generally do it using POP3. But, it is also quite apposite to advert that POP3 actually does work as a store and forward service. It is so because your e mails are kept on the waiter until you dont break your mailbox and downloaded an e mail. Once you have it downloaded, the mail is canceled from the server. This is the basic function of POP3, but that you may also make use of certain affectations to keep mails on your servers for some time after you have downloaded them.

If you are concerned in keeping your mails stored on a server even after being downloaded, it is better to opt for an alternative protocol, IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol. However, you will be making use of Post Office Communications protocol 3 if you rely on popular electronic mail productions like Outlook Express and Eudora to direct and have your emails. It is in fact important to know that you can also see this communications protocol made into Microsoft Internet Explore and the Netscape.

The bottom line is that to air and have your mails through the internet, you need to make use of a specific communications protocol. This is where you opt for POP3 or IMAP. However, you should stick out this in mind that these communications protocols only deal with the receiving of your messages. Different protocols are used for transferring your e mails across the internet ; SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is one good example of this.

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