Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to use Aliases in Gmail?

If you have a Gmail account (or Google Apps for Business), you may not be aware that you can embed information in your email address. For example, if your address is: 
You can add arbitrary text like +some_string to the end of the address and make it: 
Anything after the plus sign is ignored in routing the email, but the additional information can be used for setting up Gmail filters. Filters could be used to perform action like star the message, skip the inbox, or forward to another account.
An example use for aliasing your Gmail account
A website such as asks for your email address, you can give them an email address like: 
You’ll still get email from them, but also it’s easy to filter messages later on if you need. This is useful for websites that have multiple departments and multiple contact emails (like billing@, info@). And in the rare case if some website loses your email address to a spammer, it may be easier to track down who sold it, or where a security breach may have occurred.
For trusted acquaintances, you may give out an email address with some information to protect it from your spam filters. 
Or for testing, if you ever need an endless supply of unique email addresses, you can easily create them as: 

In general, to keep your inbox from becoming unmanageable, maintain some level of separation between emails created by people you know, and emails created by computers/websites.
Using aliases in Gmail does not require any additional setup or configuration in Gmail, aside from adding filter rules, if desired. Just append numbers, letters, or any other character that can occur in a valid email username (no spaces, for example) after the “+”.
You can always test the alias by sending yourself an email.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Recent Joomla! Compromise Might Affect You

We are noticing a string of Joomla! compromises, and we wanted to share some details for those running the Content Management System (CMS). This current exploit is affecting the following versions of Joomla :
  • 1.6.x
  • 1.7.x
  • 2.5.0-2.5.2
  • 2.5.4
  • all earlier 2.5.x versions
The compromise begins with the attacker registering a user, and then escalating that user’s privileges to an administration level. In every case, we noticed the attackers add a user with a Gmail™ address beginning with xxxtxxx and the user name of alexaalexa.
Once the attackers have their user on the account, they typically come back a few days later and edit the error.php file to create a script that allows people to upload content anonymously. A few days after the creation of the file upload script, the attackers come back again and uploads the following file s:
  • rp.php
  • indx.php
  • stph.php
This attack is extremely malicious, and the stph.php file performs other aggressive attacks against other networks. To see if your site is affected, run the following query :
SELECT u.username AS username, AS email, g.group_id AS group_id

FROM jos_users u, jos_user_usergroup_map g

WHERE LIKE ‘xxxtxxx%’

AND = g.user_id

If the email matches xxxtxxx, the user name matches alexaalexa, and the group_id is either a 7 or 8, your account is compromised. Group_id 7 is associated with the Administrator group, and group_id 8 is associated with the Super Administrator group. As a general rule, users do not have these permissions.
  1. If affected, we recommend taking the following actions:
  2. Remove the uploaded files, and then restore the error.php file to its original content.
  3. Remove any users with the group_id of 7 or 8.
  4. Update Joomla to the latest version.
  5. Update all themes, plugins, and extensions to their latest versions.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Google’s Emanuel Update: No One is Safe – Except for YouTube

Google’s recent update to its search index algorithm has been dubbed “Emanuel” by the media, and Emanuel has a Hollywood vendetta to fulfill. The purpose of Emanuel is to target websites that are hosting material in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA). In most cases, these websites will be big websites that illegally host pirated material like movies and music. The big torrent sites will be hit the hardest – but what about YouTube? Nope. YouTube has been the subject of many controversial copyright allegations, yet it’s very unlikely that Emanuel will penalize it at all.

Copyright Infringement Allegations at Work

The way Google will determine if a site should be penalized or not is by tallying up the number of copyright violation claims Google has received against it. Google evaluates every claim individually for validity, however Google can’t issue an official ruling, because Google is not a judge, and a claim is not a lawsuit. In other words, many of those claims might be bogus. Knowing this, Google has decided that a website needs to have a significant, unusually high number of copyright violation claims against it before it will be penalized. Essentially, if thousands of people say a website is in DCMA violation, it’s more likely that it is, when compared to other sites with only a handful, or one or two, complaints.

Is YouTube Above the Law?

For some reason – maybe because Google owns YouTube – copyright claims against YouTube don’t hold the same weight that they do for other sites when it comes to PageRank and penalties. If you want to file a copyright allegation against YouTube, you can’t even do it in the same method as all other claims; you’re directed to file copyright claims directly and internally with YouTube. Google claims that YouTube isn’t above the law, and in fact that Google is stricter with YouTube than other sites, but it’s easy to see why that’s hard to believe. If copyright allegations go through YouTube itself, rather than straight to Google with all other copyright allegations, then YouTube’s claims won’t count in the tally of DCMA complaints that Google uses to determine penalties. It’s essentially a way that Google can circumvent its own policy.

Can Other Sites Protect Themselves, Too?

If you run a website that hosts a lot of questionable material, you can expect to be hit with some DCMA claims, and if you get a lot, Google will lower your PageRank. Is there a way you could avoid this in the same way as YouTube? You certainly can’t require people to report their claims elsewhere and stick a link on Google’s claims reporting page like Google could for YouTube. You can, however, attempt to encourage people to file their complaints with you and give you the chance to remedy the problem before they go to Google. This, of course, means that you’d actually have to remedy the problem, otherwise an accuser would just go to Google anyway.

And accusers are going to Google in droves. Since Emanuel, more DCMA violation complaints have been filed with Google in one month than in the entire year of 2009. How many of these claims are legitimate, how many aren’t, and how many are simply stabs at competitors? We have no way of knowing, and It’s a slippery slope. But one thing is clear: host copyright infringing material, and you’ll feel the wrath of Emanuel (unless you’re YouTube).

Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to Handle the Google Attack Page

When you see the dreaded Google attack site warning, you should immediately email to : "hostmaster (at)" - Be sure to include your domain name because we will need to locate the virus that caused the issue and take steps to clean and secure your account.
Note: This warning will only happen in Firefox because Mozilla has a relationship with Google. Google cannot actually change your website. They can only give you a warning that they detected possibly malicious scripts on your site. You will need to get your account cleaned and secured before Google will remove the warning page.
Once the account has been cleaned and secured, please request a delisting through your Google Webmaster account. This is not something that CentrioHost can do for you. The excerpt below was copied from Google, and gives you step by step instructions to request a delisting.
From Google's Website:
Once you have reviewed your site and are sure it is clean, you can can submit a request for review. Note, you will need to verify site ownership before you can request a site review.
  1. Sign in to Webmaster Tools with your Google account.
  2. On the Dashboard, select the site you want.
  3. On the Overview page, click Request a review and follow the instructions.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Learn How To Remain Secure On-Line

Security has always been a persistent issue on internet. We are never sure about safety of our personal information. The security issue has advanced to a new level recently with lot of identity theft, fraud, hijacking and hacking activities being carried out frequently. One of the main reason for these activities are carelessness or ignorance of users. The bad guys out there want users to make some mistakes so that they get a chance to steal information and cause damages. In this article, we will cover such  security issues, what actually may cause them and suggest ways around such issues.

Unprotected networks

Unprotected networks are too prone to hijacking and information theft. Since the network does not work on encrypted  protocols, the hackers can easily invade your privacy and get into the system to read your incoming and outgoing data and your passwords. They can take a look at the devices and folders on the network if users do not configure their systems properly. Wireless networks mostly suffer from this problem of secured sessions.
There are many programs and applications for hijacking of unencrypted Facebook, Twitter, and even Amazon credentials from other users on the same Wi-Fi network. You might have heard of Firesheep, a Firefox add-on which can do that. More recently, there is FaceNiff - an Android application which can hijack of Facebook, Twitter or Amazon sessions very easy. It lets the hackers sniff from your computer and intercept credentials if you are on any unprotected network.
So, we should be concerned about the networks on which we work. We should always use the protected networks working on HTTPS Protocol. Next time you log on to a public Wi-Fi take care of security thing.

Suspicious Links

There are links all around - in emails, on websites that you use visit. All these links are not meant to be visited. Many  links make you do things that you would not even suspect about, such as - download malicious softwares, enter your credentials etc. Such softwares can attack your system. Entering your credentials at such places can get your accounts hacked.
A major problem with this is arises because of URL shortners. Many URL shortning services have come up because of services like Twitter and Facebook.
There are many ways to detect such links. For example -
  • Use Google Safe Browsing to scan any website for suspicious/malacious link. Use the link "" to scan any link.
  • Use online link scanners -they list the scan report generated by AVG, PhisTank, Site Truth and Google Safe Browsing and other reliable sources to help us decide the overall report of the URL in question. For example - Online Link Scan.
  • Use any antivirus in your system which use antispam filter, scan web traffic etc. to protect you when you are working online.
  • Be careful of links on Facebook and Twitter which seems spammy. If you are suspicious of the link, do not click on them.
If you are in habit of clicking any links you see, take into account that you can land up in disturbing situation. Better think before you click.

Password Vulnerability

Quite often we are not careful about the passwords that we choose. Passwords must be created strong. The more obscure we choose a password, the tougher it will be to crack.
Here are some tips for creating safe passwords -
  • Do not use easy to guess and general terms for passwords (like your phone number, street name, pet's name etc.)
  • Pseudo-random alpha-numeric combination- Mix letters, numbers and symbols, and use alphabets with different cases.
  • Try not to use the same password for every site for which you create an account.
  • Do not hesitate to create a long password, but at the same time memorize it.
  • Try to change your password at regular intervals - say 90-100 days.

Role of Web Browser

Web browsers that you choose can help you shield your information from getting breached. Secure browsers lead you to have secured sessions. Certain tweaks in your browser can help you remain safe.
Browsers as Firefox and Google Chrome can be considered reliable as they provide many security features. They will warn you of possible threats. With Safe Browsing technology enabled in Chrome, it will show you a warning message before you visit a site that is suspected of containing malware or phishing. Firefox also shows such warning messages.
  • If you are suspicious of any information being used later then you can simply clear the browsing history.
  • Use antivirus which integrates with your browser to detect the threats on line (like- when you download any software).
  • Private Browsing in Firefox and Incognito mode in Chrome allow you to browse the Internet without saving any information about which sites and pages you’ve visited.
  • “Keep My Opt-Outs” Chrome extension and Do-not-track feature in Firefox help your browsing behavior not getting tracked by third party so it adds to your safety and privacy.
You can choose browser of your own choice. But be sure you get enough security feature (like the above discussed) from your browser.
The ways discuss here will surely help you to remain safe when you are online. It's you to make sure you take wise steps for your safety. After all safety is one's basic concern.
Do you use any other security measures? Do share them.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Best Tips To Write A Link Bait Post And Get Links For Your Site

One of the top tips given by the professional Bloggers of the world is to write a link Bait Post. Now this is something important to understand. Many of you might be aware of its functionality and importance; however the newcomers in the Blogging world need to know its significance.
Link bait is actually the content on your site to which other sites link by them when they find your content worth linking too. It’s different from driving traffic for your website because you don’t ask people to link to your site; in fact, they do so, only when they want to. It is true that usually, links are difficult to get. To make it clearer, with link bait, you bait your content and wait for it getting linked.
It’s worth mentioning here to avoid any misconception that although link baiting is something you are not controlling, however creating a link bait post is also not something that just happens by accident. It’s the result of your journey from thinking to write till you post it all.

What’s the point?

By now, you must have got an idea why to work on having link baits, and if not then, here is the answer. If your content grabs a good amount of link baits, it can help you in the following ways:-
You can literally grow your site overnight by generating countless social networking references like Twitter mentions, Facebook shares, inbound links, etc.
It creates more links to your site, which help you in the search engines. Furthermore, these links come to you themselves and you don’t have to beg for them.
It creates more links to your site, bringing more potential customers. This helps your site coming up high in the search engines.
It will all not only bring popularity to your website but also bring revenue you wouldn’t have expected.

1. Consider your Potential Readers

Following your niche, you have to be proactive in judging what your potential readers want from you and what they want to know. All you need is a good idea that matches up to your audiences’ expectations. And once you get that, you can then start working on your idea of writing. However, deciding what topics and keywords attract the most of your audience is simply easy. You can analyze that by your website’s statistics.
It has been seen that the Breaking news often falls in that category, but so does an amazing e-book. This is because people take keen interest in such topics to keep themselves updated and also refer it back if they found it worthy of linking.

2. Compose an Eye- Catchy Headline

The first thing that gives a summary of your content, you skills, and your knowledge is your Heading. Reader opens that link which is offering him the most resemblance in his required content and in your heading. Understand the power of an attractive, as well as appropriate heading, used as an identity for your content. And if you are wise enough to target link baits with link bait articles, you almost always want to start with the headline as it is the most important part of the work.
Always remember that you need to grab your audience with your headline and the easiest way to do that is to either phrase the headline as “Top X” list or “X Steps” or “How to X”. Studies have shown that such articles do very well as they are easily understood and viewed as being informative but easy to read.
Your headline should use the keywords you have assembled from the starting and should find a way to focus on conveying a message that the article both has the information they desire and doesn’t require too much effort to get it.

3. Write well framed and Strong Content

Great content always serves as link bait. Internet market is one of those Businesses where you always get reward for the great things you do. Be systematic here; treat these points as the priority that you need to give to your link bait posts. If you have chosen a right direction to write on, you have phrased the headline perfectly, then you just need to work on a powerful content writing now. Many authors consider this one as the most important one, which is wrong, a good content writing stands on third position for bait linking.
I have been advising in many of my posts that although it is useful to be a talented writer, it is more important to be to the point and knowledgeable. If you stick to topics you know well or have studied deeply, you can include what the reader needs and wants to know and do so with minimum words.

4. Include Graphics

Images are equally important as the content of an article is. Including one image, related to your topic is the critical point most of the times, however using more relevant images in your articles, (I repeat, relevant) is better. It is important to remember that the aim is to get the reader into the article, give them the information they want and get them out quickly so they can link to it. One might think why there is a need to include images in a post, and the answer to it is, that Images help posts to stand out in RSS readers and also give social networking sites, like Digg and Reddit, something to use for thumbnails when displaying links to them. In short, a good visual helps a post get noticed almost everywhere it travels. Don’t forget that the first impression of your post totally depends on the headline, as well as the graphics used, equally!
It’s not guaranteed that by doing all of the above stated things, you will definitely get links but, if you don’t do these things, the post will never get any! For sure! Try to be creative and adopt things that can boost up your productivity.

Tired of your website? Sell it and Earn Money with Flippa!

Everyone knows that you can earn money by selling advertisements on websites etc. right? But have you ever thought about whether you can sell an entire website? Well, yes you can! A website (or blog) is, after all, a business. And like any other business, it can be bought and sold as well for a profit!

For any business transactions, you need a marketplace to buy and sell items. Flippa is just such a marketplace. It is a Website and Domain flipping website (hence the name ‘Flippa”). In simple terms, you can buy or sell a website on this platform. Recently, flipping websites has become quite a lucrative business. You can buy a website, renovate it and sell it for a profit. Alternatively, you can sell your unwanted sites to earn some extra bucks.

Why would I want to sell my website?

indeed? Well, there might be many reasons. Some people just get fed up writing articles daily or maintaining their sites. Although we advise anyone not to do this, since any kind of business needs hard work to get properly established. Giving up is not a solution. But if people are intent, then there’s nothing to be done about it. Such people should not just ‘abandon’ their sites. Better to sell off the fruit while its ripe, rather than to leave it to rot! And rotting here means losing traffic day by day.
There may be other personal or professional reasons for quitting a blog. For example, someone with a 9 to 5 job may find it very difficult to keep up with the daily maintenance of their site/blog. Time is an issue with most other people. Hence a lot of people quit blogging. Our advise to them is, make use of the hard work that you did! Sell your website for some money!
Generally, people are interested in buying websites that generate a revenue, or have a decent amount of quality content, or even a good traffic. You can’t just ‘create a blog and sell it’. Hard work and time must go into it if you want to earn a decent amount of money.

Setting up

This is a fairly simple process. First, you sign up using a valid email account. Next, fill out your information and upload a picture. This step is more important than you might think. Online profiles depict your personality. And your images (profile pictures) are your ambassadors to the online world! So use professional looking images. That way, it will have a good impression on your buyers (or sellers) and hence you will increase your chances of getting potential buyers.
Next, list your domain or website that you want to sell. Now is the time for the description. It should be short, concise and to the point. Remember to include information about yourself, your website, features, and what the buyer will get.

Things to remember…

Try to increase traffic and revenue – Before selling your website, try to squeeze maximum revenue and traffic from it. It’s all about traffic and revenue for the buyers. So concentrate on those areas first.
Provide traffic statistics – Buyers always want to verify whether a transaction will be worth their while. Hence you should provide statistics from more than 3 different angles; page-views, traffic sources, unique visitors etc. It’s a good idea to sign up with Google Analytics well before you want to sell your site (although not necessary). That way, buyers can get all the information they are looking for.
Don’t be a fake - The buyer will ultimately learn of any deceptions. So make none. Don’t show inflated statistics that don’t match up with earnings etc.
Choose a reasonable BIN price – This is a very important marketing step. Set a reasonable BIN (Buy It Now) price. A large price won’t attract bidders. A low BIN would not be profitable. So choose a reasonable price. Bidders can then come and bid more than the set price.
Interact – Last, but not the least, interact with your potential buyers. Talk to them and provide information about your website. It’s all about detail. The more you give, the higher the bidding will go!
You can also turn this into a real time business. Buy small websites, renovate them, drive some traffic and then sell them for a profit! It’s just like buyin a house, re-furnishing it, and selling it again. That way, you get extra profit, which may get your success story started!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Top 5 Tips to Increase Alexa Rankings in no Time!

The only thing that the new Bloggers crave for is a Respected Alexa Traffic Rank. It’s this holy Alexa which decides your market value in the internet world. The better the Alexa rankings of your website, the stronger your existence is. Moreover, the advertisements offered on your web pages totally depend on your Alexa Ranking. is subsidiary of It is a ranking system based on the level of traffic a website receives from people with the Alexa toolbar installed.

"Tips To Boost Alexa Ranking"

However increasing your Alexa ratings is certainly not an easy task and needs a lot of hard work. It’s surprising that being familiar with the importance of Alexa Rankings, the new bloggers still don’t actually know how to improve their ranks. Advertisers and webmasters look on your Alexa rank as a means of determining your sites popularity and importance on the web. This can be very important if you plan to sell your site in the future or if you want individual advertisers to look your way.

Realizing the significance of improving Alexa Traffic Rank, here are some quality tips that can work out for you.

1- Use Alexa- Download Alexa Toolbar

An interesting thing which people might not have realized is that you can always get a better Alexa ranking if you use Alexa wisely. The first step is to download Alexa Toolbar; from here you can download Alexa toolbar. Alexa toolbar is the best way for them to monitor the stats of a site and when a visitor visits your site from a browser with Alexa toolbar, that certainly turns into a productive measure for your blog. Alexa rank is directly related to traffic coming to your site, so more traffic you are getting, you have more chances of getting higher rank in Alexa Website rank.

2- Write Great – feel Great – enjoy Great!

You need to understand that it’s not about money making, yes it matters but you make money by the content you share with your readers. The most basic yet important factor that you need is a sound and strong readership for your blog. You need to keep your blog attractive enough to grasp a good traffic. The better you write for your blog, the more traffic would come to you and the better the Alexa ratings would be. The next thing is to concentrate on Google. You should work on gaining Google’s attention to your website, which is only possible to understand the strategy of choosing the topics of contents that are loved by Google, like how to, top 10, FAQs, helps, etc.

3- Be Consistent

A good blog is not only the one with great content, it is the with consistent effective writings. You need to be regular in giving your best shorts each time to make people realize that you are simply the best among all your competitors in your niche. Write regularly for your blog and that will definitely help you to increase your Alexa rank. You must write 1-2 post daily if you are a beginner in blogging career to keep your blog alive. The consistency in your posts will definitely effect your Alexa Rankings as well as it will increase the chances of making your website search engine friendly.

4- Medal yourself with Alexa Widget!

Have you ever thought why the famous Fashion Designers or Hair Dressers always frame their winning awards and place them on the wall of their offices? Obviously to show off! This is exactly what you need for your blog. Having an Alexa widget on your blog/website will help you to increase Alexa ranking. It will show the current Alexa ranking status of your blog/website, improving your credibility in front of your readers. All you have to do is register your blog/website to and paste the code in the source code of your blog.

5- Promote your Website!

Another great way to increase Alexa rank is to write guest posts. Guest post will help you to build Link Baits, the more the back links, the better will be the Alexa rank and sites linking in number will go high. Promote your website as much as you can to make it popular among the people. Don’t forget that you need to generate a good amount of traffic to increase your Alexa rankings.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Google Knowledge Graph: Changes the Search Plan!

Since the day Google Service came into being, life took a new turn. Till now, Google is enjoying to have a privilege of the biggest search engine that has bring a revolution in the world. Getting information of anything was never too easy as it is now with Google. Despite of the satisfactory searches that Google usually makes for the users, the team has had been working on how they can further enhance the procedure. It was only this week when finally Google unveil its outstanding new search functionality which has been given a name of Google Knowledge Graph. This new added functionality will produce search results on the basis of predicting what the user actually meant to search focusing on the context of search. This was important, according to the Google team, because initially the engine used to offer searches that were based on terms used by the user. Now Google do not take the strings of words and generate searches based on the terms used, but it actually tries to understand what the user is looking for, producing much likely results that would meet up user requirements more.
The SVP, Engineering, Mr. Amit Singhal introduced Google Knowledge in the following words on Google’s Official Blog:
"The Knowledge Graph enables you to search for things, people or places that Google knows about—landmarks, celebrities, cities, sports teams, buildings, geographical features, movies, celestial objects, works of art and more—and instantly get information that’s relevant to your query. This is a critical first step towards building the next generation of search, which taps into the collective intelligence of the web and understands the world a bit more like people do."
Google integrated this functionality on the basis of the following factors to make the searches more compact. There are three aspects responsible here.

1. Searching what the User Looking for

When it comes to a search engine that acts as a single tongue for the entire world, having users that belong to different states with different languages. There are wide chances that  the words can be either wrongly termed by the user or misinterpreted by the Google Search leading to the inappropriate search results. Imagine of a scenario where the user writes “Night timings of xyz Museum ” and the search shows you the results of the movie “A Night at the Museum”, well now this is a common thing, we all have faced, I did at least a couple of times, so you see languages can be a barrier often effecting the search  results.
Google has well defined the need of Google Knowledge Graph by giving an example of Taj Mahal. If a person types the keyword “Taj Mahal” in the search tab, the possible Interpretations that a search engine can make are Taj Mahal the monument, or Taj Mahal the musician. With Google Knowledge Graph, Google has got the sense to understand the theme of search. Now,as can be seen in the image below, Google presents a well classified view, offering all the possible interpretations on bottom right with most likely search being displayed at the entire right column.

2. Not interested in Detail? Get The Summary

Google has been working so long to add this feature to the search engine. most of the times, people are only looking for a short summary of their search terms. By now, terms that we type in the search box display all the likely topics from across the globe, with big articles and irrelevant content. Google, realizing this fact, will now summarize the relevant content around the topic being searched, covering  the important dates, figures and highlighting  the facts and achievements related to it. To make it clear, consider an example of searching about any popular scientist or a historic figure. The most significant data that a user might be looking for will be his date of birth, place of birth, death details, achievements, discoveries, educational knowledge, etc.
Another amazing fact about this new reveal is, it has a sense of relating relationships. for instance, a person searches for Sonia Gandhi who is a well known figure in Indian Politics, the search on her, will also show her relations like Rajeev Gandhi’s summary, along with other members who are somehow related to her. Moreover, another aspect will be that all other politicians of India will appear on the search as all the entities are closely linked to each other. Google believes that a person who is interested in knowing about Sonia Gandhi might also be looking for the above stated elements too.

3. Thinking Bigger and Wide

The most important part of the new functionality revealed, according to the Google Team is the additional feature a part from the exactly matching searches of proposing the most likely searches that the user might search in the next step. This Means that Google will keep the track of your most likely next step by offering you searches that might be what you would be looking after searching what you just did.

The Availability

Up till now, the added functionality is only limited to the U.s English users, However, Soon it will be added to the Google Search engine across the globe. A good news for the smart phone users is that Google Knowledge graph will also be available on all smart phones and tablets.
Google Knows all the Good tactics to maintain its place in the market and the functionality that the search Engine is integrating to enhance its over all worth. With Google Knowledge Graph, one can surely expect a customized browsing that will not only save time but will also improve the overall work with relevant searches in no time.
That’s all for Now, keep expecting much more to come from Google in coming days.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

5 Best Tips to Advertise your Website with Offline Marketing and Enjoy Huge Traffic – 2012

An online business does not mean that all your marketing strategies are just limited to the online world. It’s certainly bigger than that. When you decide to start your e-business, you are actually deciding to opt for something really challenging where you have to focus on online – as well as the offline market to survive. Promoting your website offline is just as important as an online marketing campaign. There are possibilities that your potential customers might not be too frequent users of the internet, exploring much about your niche. How to spread the word to them? Offline Marketing is the only Solution.
You need to understand that the URL of your Company (your website/ Blog – I will refer it as your company) is the key feature that needs to be in the limelight, followed by your Niche. The more exposure your URL receives the more traffic you will send to your website.
However, it’s a pity that many professional bloggers, sometimes lack in offline marketing of their sites. It’s important to identify the importance that an offline promotion of your website holds.
The following are the only practical effective ways that you can use in order to spread the word about your existence.

1.  Make a Business Card!

Now this one is really an important one and is listed on the top for me. The first thing you give as your identity being a businessman is your Business Card. However, many people who are earning online, forgets about their business identity. It’s a good practice to design and publish your customized business card with proper description of your niche, your URL and some catchy and attractive lines to make people curious about it. always keep some cards with you all the time and don’t forget to hand it over to your friends and people you might even don’t know. Use your cards just like a banner to promote your website and you will see fruitful results along with popularity.

2. Target Common Places/ Objects

Offline marketing is easier than online promotion of your website. Trust me! This is because you don’t have limitations in the physical world. No logins are required, no signups needed to enter for promotions. Use your own belongings, ask your friends to help. For example, you can use your cars, your friend’s vehicles to place a banner or advertisements on them. Now wherever you will go, where ever your car will be parked, your existence is getting advertised. Interesting! You can use stickers and posters with your URL printed and can stick them where ever you want, considering the most of the crowed can turn up. You can ask your family doctors, shopkeepers to place posters and advertise your website on your behalf. Just imagine how much you can make with it!

3. Printed Media!

Most of the Businessmen who take their business seriously, use the printed media as an important source of offline Marketing. It’s true that you need to spend some dollars to get your advertisement published in a newspaper or a magazine, but the results are great too. As a first step, you could try running a small advert in the classified section of your local papers. As your traffic and your business grow, you can move on to the larger national papers. Once it starts working out for you, you can plan things accordingly.

4. Radio

Radio has always been an interesting source of entertainment for its followers, however if I talk about Pakistan, there was a time few years back when there were only 10% of the people who used to follow Radio. But with time radio has developed itself and now 50% of the total population is linked up with radio, out of which 25% of the audience can turn out to be your potential traffic approximately. Advertising your website can be very effective if you know your niche can attract the class who follows Radio.

5. Television

The most expensive one, yet the most effective one for sure- Television! Advertising about your website on television boosts up your credibility drastically. People follow television like crazy, some for news, some for entertainment, and some for learning the business traits. You can attract all of them all at once. A recent example, I would like to quote here is of, it’s the first website that has advertised in Pakistan Television. This is the reason that every Pakistani who watches television knows about the website and about its basic functionality. It has become the first choice of people when it comes to buying and selling something. People with least interest in online marketing, like my mother, often talk about the site. See, this magic always work!

6. Become Branded!

Real people like Real things. If you agree with it, be meek. Give out free items like mugs, pencils, caps, bags, mouse mats, stickers, erasers, notebooks with your Website URL printed on them. You might think that it’s a waste of money – but this thought can only be taken as a person with narrow minded approach. Think bigger dude. You are a businessman now and you will have to use some effective tactics to get a business! Small emerging companies visit our universities and distribute pens, cds, and accessories for free, and that’s the only reason we bother to remember them. Isn’t it?

7. Think of your site – talk of your Site – ALWAYS

The only person that can do the best job of marketing about your website is you –only! Its you who knows your business the best, so why to remain silent? Don’t lie and cheat your way through as this will come back to haunt you. Be professional, courteous and honest, and the rest will look after itself. If a person likes what you do they will tell six others. If a person is disappointed with what you do, they will tell twenty others. Believing in the power of words, always be wise enough to speak correctly about your website and promote it as much as you can, where ever you can!
This was all about the best ways how you can make your website a hit by promoting it offline that is in the real world. I have had been focusing on thinking out of the scope all the time and this one is another example.

Monday, April 30, 2012

WordPress Plugins for Combating the Google Panda Update

Last year in November 2011, Google unleashed a wild Panda update upon bloggers and ruined many people’s lives! Of course, SEM wasn’t around back then. But a lot of blogs we know got affected by this algorithm update. Some sites were positively effected, and their traffic soared, while many, many others saw the bad side of the coin and their traffic virtually came to a standstill. Clearly, they were doing things wrong. And at the end of March this year, another Panda update was rolled out. If anything, the new update worsened the situation rather than repair it. That means we will have to change and fix things according to Google’s preferences. Who knows what Google has in store for us in the next update? Here, we’ll talk about some WordPress plugins that can help you do the changing and fixing on your blog.


Where did you go wrong?

This is a debatable question in itself. It isn’t entirely clear what criteria Google is looking for. But the major focus seems to be on SEO, quality, and backlinks. Google is the leading search engine, therefore it now wants things done its way! Google does not like bad or faulty SEO. This is where these plugins will help you. These are mostly SEO plugins that ensure that your SEO is error free.
Next comes the backlinks factor. Cheap, purchased links are disliked by Google. Most such links contain duplicate anchor text, which is Google’s ways of knowing immediately when a link has been brought. Not only that, Google also check the relevance of the two pages. Now if you bought 1,000 links for $9.99 (or similar), chances are that the pages linking to you would not be related to your own site. Avoid buying links and work on building authentic links instead.
The next very important factor is quality content. Previously, Google emphasized more on quantity than quality. Now, it’s going in reverse. Google hates similar or redundant content, which may be seen by Google as spam.

Other than that, Google is now looking for authentic and quality information. Having a very large keyword density, a lot of redundant content, and copied information makes a lot of content, but very little unique information. Such a site is called a content farm, where there is just quantity but no quality.

The answer?

It isn’t as simple as that. But the solution may lie in optimizing your SEO. Hence we go back to our original point; using plugins on WordPress to avoid any more Panda-like disasters. I will list some useful plugins that you should use. And since I might have already discussed about some of them in greater detail, I won’t bore you with long descriptions here.
Broken Link Checker
Checking for broken links is one of the first things you should do for better SEO. Broken links badly effect your blog structure, and search engines encounter problems when they land on a 404.
This is a must have plugin. It analyzes your keywords and helps you improve them. It also improves your SEO score.
SEO Smart Links
This tool automatically links keywords and phrases within your site. It also allows you to add attributes like ‘nofollow‘. Search Engines like inter-linking pages. And inter-linking pages also helps reduce your bounce rate and improve your page rankings.
Missing SEO Data
This plugin can perhaps prove to be extremely useful. It scans all posts and pages, and adds meta descriptions and keywords, the absence of which can harm your blog.
Meta Robots WordPress plugin
This handy little plugin allows you to make any of your ages or posts noindex. noindex means search engines won’t be able to see your posts. That way, you can screen out irrelevant pages that might hurt your rankings, and only allow search engines to visit pages that add value and worth.
WP Super Cache
Google likes pages that load faster. Cache plugins do just that! They speed up the process of loading pages. WP Super Cache saves pages as static HTML documents. So whenever a request is made, those html files load up in users’ browsers without processing any heavy PHP scripts. Two other similar plug-ins are also available; Hyper Cache and W3 Total Cache.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

6 Tips To Become A Pro-Blogger and Make Money!

Most of my readers are bloggers and while monitoring the comments, I have come across questions and queries that although some bloggers work really serious to make money with their blogs but still, opting this way to become rich is not turning out to be a big one. However, I have seen people turning into bloggers and getting rich in no time and the only ingredient they put in their strategies will be discussed today.
There is no doubt about the fact that there is a long list of successful bloggers that are making huge amounts on monthly basis just with this talent. Each day about 100s of newbie are looking forward to meet up their earnings with it too.
Today we will discuss some tips that are a “must have ingredient” in a blogger. This article reveals some undeniable facts about why you can’t make money with effective blogging.

1. Focusing on the goal intensively:

The more you focus on the goal, the more you are to drift away from it. Staying focused is not bad but trying too hard might be harmful for your goal. Earning money should not be the sole aim of your blog. Earning profit is indeed one of the aims but it should not over rule your enthusiasm to achieve your goal. Your primary focus should be on building a successful blog rather than gaining profits. Once you will master all the process of successful blog building, you will surely be a hit!

2. Making money overnight:

when people talk about getting results quickly, the only thing I land up with is the following quote: “I often hear people say that the Rich Dad Company is an overnight success and I think it is a fact; but it took us ten years to get there.- Robert Kiyosaki. Making money overnight is not tough. You can always opt for lotteries! The toughest part is to maintain that big hit position for long which can only be achieved through hard work and some patience. If you take a closer look at the pro-bloggers with an average of $5000 and above monthly, you will realize what it took them to be what they are today.

3. Discipline:

To succeed in blogging, you need to be disciplined. You have to set your priorities and stick to them. Everyday bloggers keep changing their monopolization policies or they keep increasing their work load rather than increasing the quality of their work. Don’t go for shortcuts! Bring about some discipline if you want to succeed.

4. Laziness kills:

Most bloggers, these days, are simply lazy. They would rather surf the internet for money making schemes than writing good stuff for their blogs. They just dream about becoming the next pro-bloggers but will rarely take the pain to write up articles. So get rid of the laziness and lame excuses and start working!

5. You are spending money wrongly:

One of the main problems bloggers face is that of budget allocation. Most bloggers spend money on frivolous things; rather than the important things. If a tool is not going to increase your profit or efficiency in the short or long run; forget about it and invest in the little things that matter. Stop spending money on frivolous things!

6. Being a pro-blogger is beyond your reality:

If you can’t see yourself a pro-blogger, you will never become one. No matter how hard you work, firstly you have to believe that you can. You are what you think you are. So, to be a pro-blogger, you will have to think like one!
this was all for now, just reading such articles are simply a waste of time IF you don’t follow and apply these really worth adopting tips in your blogging career.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Enhance Your Business by Creating Value for Your Clients!

No matter whatever career you decide to opt, there will be one thing always ready to give you trouble and that is Competition. At this stage where there is nothing unique you can initiate, you need to know how you can prove yourself unique in a common subject. When it comes to freelancing, you can imagine the level of competition having great competitors applying for the same contract as you plan to. Now what magic should be used to make you unique? The answer is to Create prove yourself valuable to your client.
If you ever have experienced dealing with contractors, you will see there are two types of people, those who lower their price to attract dealers and the ones who bring the dealers to their price. You decide which one you want to become.

Here are some genius ways to make yourself valuable enough to attract the dealers/ contractors to make maximum profit in your freelancing career!

Pay attention and follow up

An interesting fact is that the service providers (here, a freelancer) never bother to follow up their customers, once the service/product is delivered. Think about the other way. It will always be beneficial for you as a freelancer to stay in contact with your customer and work on his feedback. You need to give your client an impression that you care, you should ask him whether your work has matched up to his requirements or not, there will be two things you will achieve, either a value or a good lesson.
Make it a habit to ask your clients to fill a questionnaire for you after the delivery of the product/service. This will bring you popularity as well as credibility. Your clients will approach you next time and there are wide chances that you will get more work through referrals.

What is the return on investment?

When it comes to business, you need to make strong calculations. Always measure what your provided service/ good means to your client. Once you and your client agrees on a mutual return of investment, your client will then treat you more like a partner than a vendor.

Enhance your Expertise

For a new Freelancer, the most important thing is his effective resume. Now it is this point where experience matters. A resume having more stars will be given priority. It’s better if you, being a beginner concentrate on adding up experience to your career rather that striving for a single big project with greater return of interest.

Highlight the benefits

The art of trapping the client through your hard work and eye- catching, attractive outlook of your service/ product decides your future. Its obvious that your clients will need to know about their benefit if they chose you to work with. So keep your homework planned to attract the clients.
Value itself is simply nothing; it’s your hard work and consistency that gives a value to you in your particular niche. It’s important for every entrepreneur to understand that his business is run because of his clients and in order to keep the business going smoothly, creating a value is the most significant factor.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

15 Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog - 2012!

The only aim of every blogger is to achieve the highest Alexa Rankings and to attain a large traffic as that’s what brings revenue for them. There is no doubt about the significance of the page rankings of a blog or a website.
Here are 15 best tips you need to work on to attract a large traffic for your blog :

1. Be- Consistent

The first tip in my list is the consistency which is needed by a blogger to give his best shots continuously. This means that you should love your blog and must post on daily basis and should give a reason to your readers to start relying on your site.

2. Link Bait

Link Bait is known as back links in simple words. If you dream big about your blog, start concentrating on getting more link baits. They are actually the links you get when the other sites link to your contents. It results in bringing a huge traffic from other sites to your blog.

3. Submit to directories

There are number of directories available online where you need to submit your blog.

4. Promote your Site on Forums

Make it a habit to visit forums that are related to you niche. Be active there and relate your site often to drive traffic.

5. Submit Articles to Directories

Once you submit your blog to directories, next task is to write some great pieces of writing and submit them to article directories. This brings a good traffic to your blog when people who are searching about the related topic as yours and find what they were looking at your blog.

6. Advertise your Blog

We cannot overlook the importance of advertising for sure. Like other marketers, you should also advertise your blog to attain a good traffic.

7. Write Guest Posts

Once you observe that people have started considering your blog a little, this is another important move. Start writing guest posts on other blogs to drag some traffic of that site to yours.

8. Make Your URL your Sign – Your Identity!

While contributing on different sites like on forums and commenting on other blogs, make it a practice to include your URL in your signature. This can bring traffic to your blog when people go through your contribution.

9. Search Engine Optimization

If you succeeded in getting into the good books of the search engines, then you don’t need anything else, however, search engines are never too down to earth for the beginners, in fact a lot of hard work is needed to for that. You need to learn a great deal about the SE0 techniques.

10. Business cards

You are a blogger by profession, isn’t it? Then do you have a business card? Majority of you must not have paid attention on this aspect. Create an optimized Business card for you as is do wonders. It’s another way of promoting your blog and introducing yourself as a pro-blogger.

11. Use social networking sites

Thanks to technology, the Social networking platform like Facebook, twitter and Google+, you can share your articles and posts with all your friends to make it sure they don’t miss it up.

12. Join Social Bookmarking Sites

There are a lot of bookmarking sites like Digg, twitter, Reddit, etc.

13. Use Q&A websites

There are plenty of Q&A sites where you can always serve people and enjoy a good traffic to your blog. Sites like Yahoo allows you to answer questions related to your niche.

14. Keep it alive

There should always be something interactive for the readers on your blog that should encourage the viewers to come back and follow.

15. Add Widgets

Using widgets like sitemaps and RSS on your website enables the reader to get used to of your site easily and can then quickly have an over view of your site.

So, that’s all for now, one thing that I would like to say by the end of this is, you need to have patience in all this because its  not an event but a procedure. stay Firm and keep working hard.

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