Monday, June 13, 2011

Top 10 Joomla! - SEO Tips and Tricks

SEO may sound complicated and expensive, but there are a number of things you can do to improve your search engine ranking that won’t have you spending a dime or tearing your hair out. Here is a list of the 10 simplest SEO tips and tricks for Joomla sites.

Now here are 10 easy, cheap ways to improve your SEO.

1) Don't install any sample data when you set up a Joomla! site.

When you launch your Joomla! Site, it’s very easy to forget to delete all the demo articles that come with it. That will give you pages, links and news feeds that are irrelevant to your topic. Delete your sample data and don't forget to empty your trash as well!

2) Your Site Name should be your site’s name.

There can be a temptation to cram as many keywords as possible into the "Site Name" field. It doesn't help and when users register at your site, they get an email saying "Welcome to Widgets, Buy Widgets, Cheap Widgets, Bargain Widgets!" You don't want that.

3) Turn off your PDF links.

When we analyze Joomla! Sites, we often find PDFs ranking higher than the original pages. Because PDF pages have no menu links, they're a dead-end. Users can't move from the PDF to the rest of your site. So turn off those links.

4) Don't waste your site's link juice with lots of social bookmarking links.

Lets face it, very few pages have a chance to hit the Digg home page or do well on Reddit, so only place those buttons on your best articles. Your visitors appreciate clean, uncluttered pages -- and so do search engines.

5) Redirect the www and non-www versions of your site to the same place.

All you need to do is add this little piece of code to your .htaccess file. Note: Replace MyDomain with your domain name and .com with your domain extension.
 # Can be commented out if causes errors.
    Options FollowSymLinks

 # mod_rewrite in use

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [NC]
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

    RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^.* [NC]
    RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]
6) Turn on your cache.

Search in Google and you'll see a size for each site. Smaller, faster sites are more popular with visitors and with Google. One easy way to make your site act small and load faster is to turn on your cache in Global Configuration.

7) Enter a full description for all your sections and categories.

These pages are great for organizing your site... and for improving Page Rank. If you organize your sections and categories carefully, your site becomes very easy for both people and search-engine spiders to navigate.

8) Less is often more

Having thousands of Joomla! pages indexed in Google isn't always a good thing, especially if those pages don't bring value. Some components, for example, can produce lots of extra pages that are completely worthless. One easy way to check if your site is putting garbage on Google is to search for If you find pages that don't have good content, you might want to remove them.

9) Empty your global configuration metadata.

I'm sure you're all big fans of Joomla!, but I'm equally sure that "Joomla! - the dynamic portal engine and content management system" doesn't describe your site. Take it out.

10) Be confident.

Joomla! is fantastic software that allows you to easily create lots of high quality pages that are great for your SEO. If you keep a close eye on your site and take the time to learn how Joomla! works, there's no reason why you shouldn't have top-flight search engine rankings!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Four Critical Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Cheap Host

Although accommodation is becoming more common these days, there are many factors to consider before signing up for service. Because you never know what’s behind this incredibly low price, here are four important factors to remember:
A web hosting service can offer you all the tools needed to create professional websites, feature rich storehouse attention of your audience. However, if your site is always available, your beauty does not mean anything to users who can not access them. Recognizing that excessive downtime is one of the easiest ways to kill your online popularity, it is important to find an inexpensive set that is more focused on the reliability of the lowest prices.
Limited Bandwidth
Before entering into any kind of hosting arrangements, it is essential to take into account the bandwidth allocated to your account monthly. It is a known fact that the bandwidth is a key component necessary to support the web site traffic and an important role in its success. If your site has a large number of visitors, it is clear that require more bandwidth. Difficult part of this is that you can experience an increase in traffic is not expected and fell with a sudden lack of resources. It is certainly a situation we do not want to see us in power once again brought the terrible period of inactivity. If traffic is any important, make sure your hosting plan comes with enough bandwidth to support current and future traffic.
Technical Expertise
The technical expertise of the hosting provider is an area that does not get enough attention. It does not always refer to the corporate infrastructure or hardware, but the people behind all technology. Web hosting providers should be technically inclined to the simple fact that many customers are not. This experience should provide support and deal with all technical problems that may arise. You may not know anything about the server, but there is no reason to host your web, cheap services or not.
Level of Support
One of the main weaknesses of cheap hosting service is a lack of support. It seems that some companies reduce costs in various areas to provide an affordable service and support for each department as critical to suffer. This support is essential and should come at no additional charge. Even if you only pay a few dollars a month, make sure your plan has the support of world class makes you feel a client-million dollars.
At the end of the day, it is impossible to find a company that offers cheap services do not work hard to maintain reliability. However, it may take a little extra time to exercise some patience and make your choice wisely. After doing your research, should be easy to find quality services that come with cheap price.

Friday, June 3, 2011

How to Search Engine-Friendly is your domain name?

A domain name search engine can easily give way to achieve the classification and traffic you need to succeed online. This can contribute to help your target audience, increase conversions, and opened the door for multiple streams of income. If you want to benefit, these tips should be helpful to go to register for the name.
Think about SEO and domain easy to use – To be considered for the search engines, your domain name should be more profitable in the short and easy to remember. In this way, users can recover faster and, possibly, generate quality traffic is much higher. In most cases, the length of the name, and the complexity only against him and the obstacle to its success.
Focus on key words – key words to add the success of the domain names because they play an important role in the process of SEO. When the application of keywords in URLs, search engines like Google index would be much faster, thus increasing the possibility of a click through higher rates and more importantly, more exposure.
Be careful with the scripts - Many SEO experts to speak strongly against the inclusion of hyphens in domain names. This is because it can cause complications such as users forget that the script is placed within that domain. Because there may be a similar site that contains the domain name without the hyphen, it will be very careful not to direct visitors to your opponent.
Optimized for the type in traffic – Some Internet users are accustomed to type keywords directly into their browser address bar instead of the search box. To use this type of traffic, you may want to register a domain that contains the target domain as a whole to increase its traffic is common in the market.
Select an appropriate TLD – There are many top-level domains to choose from, but you can be more successful from the perspective of SEO by selecting com.
Entry Link Building – inbound link is another part of the SEO. You definitely want to build a quality relationship that includes the domain. If your site does not have that link, the search engine have not concluded that the relative content. Note that poor communications effective negative stress optimization. For this reason, we want to avoid link farms and questionable work habits through questionable SEO firm.
Choose a good domain name registrar - The key to getting a domain name search easy to register a name with a registrar leader. There are many registrars on the market, but not everyone can trust. We recommend you stick with well known and trusted brand like Yahoo or GoDaddy and an option for your web hosting provider.
Domain registration search engine-friendly does not guarantee increased traffic or visibility. Although SEO khusus call for you to promote your site in the traditional way and most importantly, make sure you have quality content that surfers interested in when you realize this, we believe that these tips will go a long way to help achieve the fame and success you want online.

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