Monday, May 30, 2011

Why must choose reliable hosting server?

In the competitive world reliable web hosting is very important especially for online business success. Your message or information not submitted on time unless you send it to the web server’s network connection is reliable high-speed backups. It is necessary to request a web hosting company that can supply you with these components and more.
People often ask “why reliable web hosting?” An important component listed below are a few reasons why:
* Server monitoring and 24×7 security to secure your site
* Spam filtering
* Firewall Protection to protect the site from unwanted sin
* Daily Backup Site
* 99.9% Guarantee
Reliable web servers with fast connection some very important to ensure that your website runs smoothly. Just behind the corporate firewall and additional security on the server hosting the web, you can try to keep your website safe from unwanted intruders. Spam and virus filtering is another feature that is important to consider all email services. Once again, perhaps with only a reliable web hosting.
In addition, there are many other valuable causes. A reliable web hosting that party is responsible not only reduces stress but also increase productivity. reliable web hosting is known to provide dependable uptime so you can make changes to your website and upload it for customers to check in a short time.
Reliable web hosting is very important for customers who require a serious problem on your web site is fully functional and domain which can be accessed at any time. This business can be any online industry, both in banks, financial institutions, where the railway and flight online booking sites or even e-commerce. Only with the help of reliable web hosting that can maintain the highest security level for users of illegal operations in any website. All e-commerce web site integrated with payment gateway and web hosting is not secure or reliable then anyone can hack your site and you can lose essential online cash flows.
If your site is included in an amazing Content Management System (CMS) asking you to update your site every day after a reliable web hosting continues to be critical. To stay ahead of the competition on the web site online today that require, flexible, secure, and only possible with the help of a reliable web hosting.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Multiple Domain for Improved SEO

Keep track of all scheduled tasks as a webmaster can be very difficult, especially when you have several websites and you have to constantly log in and out of several hosting accounts. Search engine optimization is hard enough when you only have one place to focus, but when you have several, all of which are divided into different control panel, this process is tedious and counterproductive for serious webmasters.
Multiple domain hosting is available in almost any hosting environment from dedicated to shared, and everything else. The following information describes the benefits of knowing multiple domains hosting is provided for search engine optimization improved.
Focused Organization
Maintaining a good SEO campaign requires careful planning and specific organizations. multiple domain hosting for associating all SEO campaigns in a single hosting account, which makes it easier for you to schedule events with cron mundane administrative tasks and other tools in the hosting control panel. This can very easily get confused when trying to manage a variety of sites with separate control panel. And in many cases can inadvertently carry out the task for the SEO campaign is a site for others. Having a centralized control panel for all your site will ultimately save time and frustration in the long term.
Monitoring progress
Most people measure their success as a professional webmaster and SEO for the amount of web traffic you are able to extract from the search engines. Fortunately, every web hosting account that provides access to main traffic analysis can be used to view detailed reports on the level of daily, weekly and monthly web site traffic. However, some control panel to log, even simple tasks such as controlling the amount of traffic on the web can be confusing when you try to keep statistics on each website separately while the capture larger image. Multiple domain hosting you can see all your site traffic statistics “in the same control panel, making it easier for you to monitor your progress, and SEO for your campaign.
Cost Saving Benefits
Of course, multiple domain hosting bill also eliminates some accommodation at the end of each month, which can add up to “luck” if you have more than 10 web sites. With the extra money extra each month you can buy a piece of software or guidelines that can dramatically improve the characteristics of your site SEO in the near future. multiple domain hosting can cost from $ 10 per month to $ 300 per month, depending on the type of accommodation you choose. Although dedicated hosting costs more than other types of hosting multiple domains, most professional webmasters feel it’s worth the extra cost because the number of available server resources and freedom you have given the configuration of your server software. If you have only a few sites that do not need to manage SEO campaigns then you might want to consider a VPS or shared hosting plans.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Beware of cheap hosting Web Practices

At first glance, cheap hosting is the ideal solution for individuals and small businesses looking to create a web presence. After all, why pay top dollar when it hosts many offer the same service for nothing? Yes, hosting cheap as a route for obvious reasons, but in reality is a reliable solution? You can find the service in question after reading about some of the most common practices of accommodation.
The Ambitious Newcomer
It takes a lot to run a web hosting company. Providers need a server, bandwidth and most IT experts to help maintain infrastructure. People who lack the resources and experience to perform their operations outsourcing hosting infrastructure for third-party professionals, allowing them to avoid the hassle and high cost. Besides financial resources, cost savings derived from outsourcing is allowing many companies offering web hosting packages at competitive prices.
Time for a new company that would like to participate in the web hosting industry. Since all of these low market prices, they came up with a brilliant idea to offer their services at a fraction of the price. What better way to improve profitability and overall growth of the company? Things usually start well for a new web host and ambitious. Everyone looking for customers flock of affordable accommodation, cheap service providers. Veterans received even see some of his clients to flee also cheaper services. In the spirit of competition, but also lowered their prices to keep pace with the market. Here’s the catch – more than likely, a leading web hosting service is the flexibility and resources to reduce costs without suffering huge financial losses. Brilliant newcomer? Well, usually found in a difficult world.
Cutting Back Equals More Losses
Despite all customers, the price is too low causes newcomers to cut corners and make sure the company remains profitable. They began releasing some of its IT staff and technical support staff. When it is not enough, began to cut much more important aspects of their infrastructure. Is reduced maintenance and safety procedures is essential for any web hosting company. In addition, an excess on their servers to clients. From there, reducing the number of servers in all. cheap web hosting provider is still in business, but in a bad situation. limited staff and engineers made the terrible customer service. The lack of preventive measures will lead to hardware failures and excessive downtime. And to minimize the overhead of server performance and results you guessed it, the more downtime. Now, a cheap but reliable web hosting package is not what is advertised.
There is Hope
The practice of cheap web hosting companies too excited that most of the pain. Fortunately, not all services are running cheap flights because there are few reliable troops to the market. There is nothing wrong in trying to save a few U.S. dollars web hosting services. Just do not go too low as it could get back less than you paid.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do You Really Need a .Com (dotcom) domain?

One could argue that the Internet domain is more popular than ever, especially considering that some interesting names continue to sell on the street, thousands and sometimes millions of dollars. A domain name is what you need to leave a good impression on prospective customers. The name should be easy to remember so that when people see it, is reflected and can easily find your way back to your website. However, the domain option is not always as simple as it seems. Although your domain name will have no part in the choice of web hosting providers, many people are challenged, wondering whether they should register the name in fashion. Net Com or however. Com is still king. Net has gained ground in recent years.
His net TLD is more than likely available. Com, but there are some important factors to consider before deciding on the extension. Often people associate with the Web site. Com, as is often the first area they are seeking. Unfortunately, if not available, most Internet users rarely think to do a search again and found the Web site. The Internet can be a surprise to you that the outcome of the visitors who lost and worse, potential sales.
The evidence increasingly shows that people who visited the website after hearing about it from a friend or colleague, as in an ad or hear on the radio. Regardless of the extent, many people still do it. Com in the head, making it more difficult for you to build traffic referrals to each other extensions.
Since that time. COM extension in high demand, has become increasingly difficult to get the name you want on the same TLD. Over the years, almost all the names short, catchy domain captured and recorded. Throwing the popular keywords and optimizing Search misses and has a large number of domains that is almost impossible to obtain. This factor has caused some people. Net, which is without doubt the best alternative. Some people do not waste time searching. Com names for fear they are no longer available. If you are concerned about their visibility, we recommend that you do not make this mistake. Who knows? You may be lucky.
The best advice is to do everything possible to ensure a. Com domain before giving up and deciding alternatives. You can do some serious reflection to share some ideas with some partners and even did a search on the left domain. To take the time to come up with something creative, you can easily get a good understanding of who did not even think.
After finding something that fits perfectly with your site, you will find that the extra time and effort well worth it, especially when the traffic started to roll in. If all else fails, I feel that some business owners have been properly used. net as their second choice.

Monday, May 23, 2011

7 SEO myths debunked

Search engine optimization is important for anyone who wants to drive traffic to your website. Since this is a hot topic, the web community will continue the discussion on working methods and what is not. The purpose of this paper is to discredit the seven common myths associated with SEO. If you plan to hire an SEO company or just go, this knowledge will give a better idea of ​​what to expect.
1.) All Meta Tags are created equal
Although some of the most important, there is no other meta tags play a factor in their visibility in search engines. Because spammers quickly became famous for taking advantage of key words, search engines rely more on the actual content of web sites and lack of metadata.
2.) Regular search engine submission is a must
There is a perception that large should manually submit your site to search engines on a weekly or monthly. Could not be further from the truth, because all you need is a letter to each target search engine. What many signatures of the experts can not tell you that if your site is optimized properly, the search engine robots to discover automatically.
3.) SEO expensive either
For the most part, SEO is highly cost effective way of marketing online, usually less expensive than banner ads or sponsored. This is especially true when the optimization to achieve organic rankings. If some of the design quality sites with good network and blog, you can pay little or nothing for your SEO campaign.
4.) Website Optimization is the key
Some have the belief that after you spray a few keywords and a link to the website, the optimization performed. However, it can and should optimize every page of your site. Each page should have its own keywords and meta tags necessary attention. Remember that search engines rank individual pages, not the entire site.
5.) You should stay away from the competition Keywords
Many avoid using keywords and phrases that competitive concerns are not enough to fight. The truth is you still have to aim for keywords that are relevant, regardless of the competition around them. Do not run away from the term you will get attention simply because the guidance of others.
6.) PPC. More effective than SEO
While the PPC campaign can do wonders in promoting your website, SEO is more effective in the long term. This is a known fact that most surfers use search engines and rarely find their content through advertising sponsorships. They rely solely on organic results rather than sponsored content. Although PPC can make you appear in the results, it is only short-term solution that can weigh heavy on your budget.
7.) Good as collateral
There are a number of SEO firms in the business of making guarantees for superior optimization and classification. In reality, however, no company can offer no guarantee for the classification in the search engines. Some companies are really going to help, while others are just looking to fatten their pockets.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tips increasing alexa rank

Alexa Rank is a ranking based on number of visits to a website or blog, then of course the more visitors your website or blog, Alexa Rank will get better. In more detail what is the Alexa Rank has been frequently discussed by the Web master, and posts like that are very much scattered in the master’s blog. So this post is probably a little bit stale or expired time, let alone to the master. So what is a post about How To Increase Alexa Rank? join to add just writing about Alexa Rank, because there is a new post that is Alexa Rank. With more and more to write about Alexa Alexa Rank hopefully this blog becomes increasingly slim.
How to Increase Alexa Rank (based on personal experience):
  1. Increase the amount of traffic or daily visits (Daily Traffic) to blog, because it can be said is actually the core of the increase Alexa Rank is to increase the amount of traffic or visits to a website or blog, is consistent with existing data on our blog site info on the website Alexa. I think the most important assessment is the traffic, to how to increase your blog traffic can be seen on how to increase blog traffic.
  2. Increase Daily Reach or visit globally, meaning that traffic or the number of visitors will be better in the eyes of Alexa if derived from IP of visitors who come from various countries. The way you have to frequently visit and commented on the blog active abroad or in the forums or the International community, for example, can take advantage of blogcatalog, mybloglog, StumbleUpon, Digg etc.
  3. Daily Increase pageview, Bounce and Time on Site, way is by adding a link postings are related to each other either in content or postings or below the post or referred Related Post or Related Posts. In this way it would be an opportunity for visitors to further explore the entire contents of the blog and find more information. This method is effective to increase the Page View. Link internally to Potingan the blog will also help improve your blog ranking and will also help increase the traffic, because if people come to your blog has no choice but to be seen then they will go. When you create links to other posts that visitors will find many options to open another post so that they will be long in your blog (increase Time on Site). Another way to improve the Time on Site is by setting commentators link when clicked will open in a tab or a new page so that your blog is still open (add Time On Site).
  4. Increase the amount of traffic or traffic originating from an Internet Search Engine (The percentage of visits to the blog That Came from a search engine). Increasing the number of visits from search engines can also be done by the owner of the blog is by typing in keywords or postings that are popular in your own blog posts that have particularly high SERP syuku grateful that there is on page one SERP search engine results (High Impact Search Queries). Use a different IP per day could use a desktop browser, Opera Mini, mobile default browser, Firefox Mobile, Mobile, etc. For Bolt. Do not use tools like alexa booster-tools, traffic generators and so forth. If a high Alexa was useless, if made for PPC blog clearly can not exist because your visitors simply click robots coming from the engine-generator engine traffic.
  5. Install the Alexa toolbar in Internet browser which we use and also put Alexa widget on the blog. By installing the Alexa Toolbar and Alexa Widget will provide more accurate traffic data.
  6. Setting your Web or Blog a Home Page on a regular Internet browser you use.
  7. Make the writing or posting about Alexa, by making posts about Alexa, then the loyal visitors to your blog will be interested in using the Alexa tool, is certainly beneficial for the incoming data to Alexa also will be more smoothly.
  8. Diligent Blog update or create new posts and try to be consistent. Visitors and search engines will be less likely to visit blogs that are always up to date and consistent or continuous. If you can not post every day so 2 days or once a week, but consistently, better than on a post every day for one week but after it left the blog without updates. If the blog is updated usually rare visitor traffic tends to fall mainly to the new blog is the number of traffic has not been quite stable.
  9. Ask friends to review and rate the profiles of your blog on Alexa. For that on this occasion I offer cooperation to the guys all (if desired) for each review and rate the profiles of our blog in Alexa, gratitude-gratitude of giving a 5 star…. (* sincerely hope *). The trick just click the banner below, following the review page please Login first to use the account can also use Alexa or Facebook account. After you review our blog, then I will also review your blog.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Many Security Holes in the Microsoft Frontpage extensions

In recent days we noticed that many people suffering for hacking activities with their site, and they migrate on CentrioHost only to prevent their site from being hacked. We already post some article for them how to prevent site hacking. We just recently noticed that web-hosts offering FrontPage Extensions on their site also get hacked now-a-days :( Here we explain about this issues....
First of all, Frontpage is brain damaged (just have to set the stage).

Ok, Frontpage works like this when you want to publish files:

It tries to GET "".  This file contains the version of the FP extensions and the path on the server where the extensions are located. When you use Frontpage to upload content, it will try and fetch this file, if it can, it then tries to POST to :
"" (that's the default).

This server binary is not password protected, so it is able to post a query to it.  The first thing it does is just establish a protocol rev in which the client and server are going to talk, and what functions the server provides.

If you have any people using Frontpage, it's likely that they FTPed the _vti_inf.html from their home machine up to your site.  Then they tried to publish, and it tried HTTP first.  If HTTP fails, it just kicks over to FTP as the publishing protocol (and notifies the user that they can't use WebBots and stuff).

Incidentally, I have a passion to hate the FP extensions.  They are fundamentally stupid in nearly all respects of implementation.

Firsly, they maintain a crapload of meta files (one shadow for every file managed) then they have all of their config info in a bunch of text files in the _vti_pvt directory.  (Oh, BTW, there exists a very HUGE privacy hole in the FP extenstions).  If you go to a site that has FP extensions, just pick any directory in the URL, yank the filename off, and put "_vti_cnf" there'll get a complete listing of all the files in the real directory.  With this you can snatch files that weren't meant to be seen by the public...and it's available on ALL FP enabled sites.

Hmm, I've contributed a "privacy bug" now. :)

Want to know an even cooler hack?  Want to break into Frontpage enabled sites?

Just snarf the "administrators.pwd" and "authors.pwd" file in:


That'll net you the password file for the web.  Just convert it properly and run Crack on it to obtain a useful password for defacing web sites!

Want even more???

Frontpage 98 fucks up the permissions so bad that it makes the _vti_pvt directory WORLD WRITABLE!!! No shit, you can do whatever you want to stuff in that directory.

Hmm, I love incompetent nitwits that think they can buy someone elses crappy Unix shit and sell it as their own!!! :)

Oh, you know why all the directories begin with "VTI"???

"Vermeer Technology Inc". The people the M$ bought for Frontpage. :)

Never Use FrontPage Extensions, your site can be easily hacked then !! We dont offer this Extensions, however if you migrate your site from other server, these files will be come to your new site from other host. Also if you upload with FrontPage software, its also makes these directory on your public_html folder and hackers can easily hack your site - Security Dept,

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

10 tips - How to promote your website

Once you have created your website content, you have to attract your audience to it. Use these ideas to promote your site to the internet search engines and encourage external links.
1. Submit your site to search engines. The Open Directory project lists your web pages on the major search engines for free. See:

2. Write a descriptive title for each page. Use just five to eight words. Ensure that this is marked as 'title' in the html code. This page title will appear hyperlinked on the search engines when your page is found.

3. Make sure you have keywords in your content. They should mirror what users would type to find your pages (most search services index each word in an html file. Use short, accurate descriptions to identify ALT attributes within IMG (image) tags.

4. Metatags. These are embedded in a website’s html code but do not appear when viewing the site. They help search engines to index your site content. Use them.

5. Ask for reciprocal links. You can gain visibility on search engines as well as attracting more visitors by having other sites link to yours. For example, you can publish links to your consortium partners' websites and ask them to return the favour.

6. Submit your links to directories. Search for the major research actors in your field such as well-reputed web portals, and have your website added to their link section or directory.

7. Issue news releases and submit to press wires. Send news releases about your events and achievements to print and web periodicals. This may attract journalists to look at your project and publicist it.

8. Offer content for others to use in their newsletters and sites. You can increase your visibility when you write articles in your area of expertise and supply them to editors for their newsletters. Just ask that they include a link to your website and a one-line description of what you offer.

9. Send out email newsletters. Though it takes a lot of time, consider publishing a monthly e-mail newsletter. This is a good way to bring users to your website. But remember - it is important not to spam, so do not send e-mails without permission to people who do not want them.

10. Promote your website everywhere. At conferences, in web forums and in your email signature. Include your web address on business cards and promotional materials. Ensure that all reprints of cards, stationery and marketing materials contain your web address.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Beauty of Cheap Hosting Services

It seems as if all the work with today’s tight budget. Times have been rough economy affects not only consumers, but also caused many organizations to rethink the importance of budgeting. As basic as it sounds, it is a big challenge for many professionals. For most companies, the budget refers to the important issues such as advertising and promotion, IT resources and overhead. Small businesses and large companies at this time as a factor in the budget web hosting costs as well.
Saving Money on Your Web Presence
Having a full web server is not practical for all companies. After all, buying expensive hardware and operations become more expensive when considering administrative tasks. This is where web hosting in, allowing you to build an Internet presence for a fraction of what it costs to maintain their own Internet-based infrastructure. web hosting company gives you the power to run your online business without the costs associated with housing and maintaining servers. Not only provide the hardware, but also important resources such as memory, bandwidth and disk space. It is configured with a handy feature that lets you create dynamic websites with relative ease. You may pay a premium price for the service or to save themselves a bundle by choosing to cheap web hosting.
Evolution cheap hosting
The birth of economic services can be associated with a highly competitive market that the web hosting industry. Because the service is simple and limited web hosting ago, now offers a wider variety of options at a price small businesses can afford. Although a dedicated server is really different environments, web hosting cheap is not always limited to a shared server. For example, you can easily find a plan VPS (Virtual Private Server) with a very reasonable price. VPS is the perfect medium between shared and dedicated servers. This provides stability and performance can be compromised by sharing resources with thousands of website owners and the level of flexibility that is similar to dedicated hosting. tight market competition has increased the standard of accommodation, which means that you should not have to sacrifice many things.
Cheap is not always what appears
Many people have the wrong idea of ​​cheap web hosting, believe that trade will require the features, flexibility and quality service with a very low price. Evidently, some companies have found a market with their questionable practices. Fortunately, there are some outstanding web hosting provider that offers many functions and services to customers. Some of the more expensive hosting package provides several email accounts, the means of e-commerce, security devices and server capacity to support the growth of your website. You can perform higher with a variety of web hosting solution? Maybe. After all, you can configure a cheap alternative as well and puts you on the road to success.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

How to switch hosts without having any down time?

Switching to a new host can be a complicated process. Follow our steps to ensure that your move is smooth and painless.
  1. The first step is to join your new host. Make sure to NOT cancel with your old hosting provider, and do not tell them you will be canceling. Keep this a secret from your old host, or they could prematurely terminate your site and cause downtime.
  2. At this point, you should have hosting accounts with two hosting providers (the old and the new one). You will now migrate your entire site from the old host to the new one. This can be done by connecting to the old host's FTP and downloading all your files, and then by connecting to the new host's FTP and uploading all your files (maintain the same file and folder structure). If you choose to make CentrioHost your new host, we may transfer your entire site over free of charge!
  3. You must also backup any databases on the old host (contact the old host for instructions) and upload the backup files to the new host via FTP. You must then restore your databases from those backup files; this can be done via SSH or cPanel's phpMyAdmin. Emails do not normally transfer, but you can archive your emails from the old host. You can accomplish this by making a POP3 connection to each email address; this way all the old emails are downloaded to your local computer. The new host will not have those old emails, but the new host will be able to get new emails.
  4. If you choose to make CentrioHost your new host, we may transfer your entire site (files and databases) over free of charge! If your old host used cPanel, we may be able to transfer emails as well.
  5. After you have a copy of your site on both hosting accounts, it is time to change your domain name's DNS....
  6. After you have all your files on both hosting accounts, it is time to change your domain name's DNS. Your new host will provide you with the correct name servers (DNS). You may need to contact the new host to find out what DNS settings you will use for your domain name.
    DNS name servers usually looks like this (replace "" with your host's actual domain name):
    Once you have the correct DNS, go to the company where you purchased your domain name to make the change. If you purchased your domain name from your host, you usually need to ask them to make the DNS changes for you. You can tell them something similar to, "Hello. My domain with you is _____.___ ; please, change my domain name's name servers to ns1._______.____ and ns2._______.____ ."
    If you bought your domain name from CentrioHost, we are more than happy to help you or even make the DNS changes for you.
  7. Once your DNS changes have been made, you will need to wait 48 hours (two days) before your site will load from the new host. During this 48 hour period, your DNS is propagating world wide and your site will be randomly loading from either the old host or the new host. Once the two days is complete, your site will only be loading from the new host.
  8. After the 48 hours have passed, your updated DNS will be fully functional. You will now contact your old host and cancel your hosting account with them. If you originally bought your domain name from the old host, do not cancel your domain registration.
If you completed all the above steps, you have successfully switched hosts with no downtime at all!

Friday, May 6, 2011

10 Tips - How to build a good website

If you want to promote your organisation or your project, you have to be on the web. Nowadays, it is the first resource that people turn to for information. These 10 useful tips can help you communicate what you want to say.

1. Define your audience. Fundamental, but many people forget it! What audience do you want to reach? Fellow scientists? Consortium partners? Potential investors? Journalists? Institutional bodies? The target audience determines what content you present.

2. Think about your content. Most of your visitors won't know the subject as well as you do, and have little time to spend reading! So keep it simple and short. Avoid jargon, be concise, focus on the successes and attract your audience by announcing exploitable developments or technologies and their potential benefits.

3. Plan a clear structure. This step is vital. The site should be easy to navigate. Produce a sitemap of your proposed web content. Visitors should ideally find information in 2-3 clicks maximum.

4. Make it look good. It sounds so basic, yet it matters! If it looks nice, people tend to give it more value. A good design reflects well on your organisation or project.

5. Limit graphic content. Multimedia can make your content more attractive, but don't overdo it. Use graphics only if they support your message - white space has proven to be important in communications. Too large images also slow page loading for people with poor connections.

6. Offer easily searchable content. Have a 'search engine' box on the front page. A number of tools can be found on the web to help you do this, including Google.

7. Update your content regularly. Sites with regularly changing content attract more visitors. Archive what’s out-of-date, update with new content, ensure that you don’t have broken links and add new functions.

8. Be media-friendly. Be ready to feed content to the media by preparing press releases, brochures, CVs of relevant contact people, info about key partners and addresses to be contacted. Put them in a 'Press' section on your site, and don't forget images also.

9. Make it interactive. Allow visitors to interact with the content author or producer. Host a discussion forum or start a blog – it may encourage visitors to drop in more often.

10. Domain name is important! Last but not least, today we remember website names as we used to remember phone numbers. So make sure that your domain name is easy to remember.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to setup your website from scratch including domain registration and hosting account?

Following is the step by step procedure to setup your website from scratch.

STEP 1: Register Domain Name

If you don't have any domain name registered/selected, please follow this link to choose and register your domain name:

While you register your domain name, your registrar will generate / send you detailed instructions about login information to manage your domain registration information. This information is VITAL.

STEP 2: Sign-up for web hosting account

Once you've your domain name booked, hosting account is required to park that domain name / or upload your website content.

For any hosting account, we offer two options to signup. Shared Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting Account.
If you're not sure which one is right for your, I will recommend to go with the Shared Hosting Account.

Visit and check all shared, reseller, master reseller, alpha master reseller (SemiVPS) plans at our homepage

From any of the above plan page,

  • Select your desired plan.
  • Click "order" hyperlink.
  • Follow the steps of sign-up and complete the web hosting order.
  • After sign-up, order execution is automated. you will get detailed account setup instructions at your email address. It is necessary to enter valid and working email address to pass this step without any hassle.

STEP 3: Point your domain name to web hosting account

Now, as you've secured your domain name and your hosting account, it is time to link both of them. Linking means pointing your domain name to web hosting space. Though it is a very easy step, it is very very important step.

You will need to process DNS changes for your domain. Change your domain's name servers as given in the welcome email. This can be accomplished by login to your domain registration account. [While you register your domain name in step1, your registrar send you an email with the login instructions to manage your domain name. This information is vital.] Your domain will not point to servers unless, you update the name servers of your domain.

If you have registered your domain name with, you will not require to change the name servers. We will complete this task when we register the domain name for you.

If your domain is not active after 48 hours of registration and web hosting order (both) with, please contact support executive at support (at) centriohost (dot) com

STEP 4: Design your web pages

A very basic step you need to implement is, designing of web pages in any web page designing software for e.g. Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Publisher Macromedia Dreamwaver or other or even with notepad application. You can also try excellent website builder service offered by

Web pages are basically HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) pages. It can be a combination of HTML tag and web scripting code also. Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator (or other browser) displays the output of WebPages.

STEP 5: Publish or Upload of web pages

The next step is publishing or uploading of your WebPages to web server. Our computer called web server constantly connected to the internet so one can easily surf your web site. You need an FTP software to complete this task.

Popular FTP software are Cute_FTP, WS_FTP, Smart_FTP etc. Comparatively if you have designed your web pages in designing software like FrontPage one, then you can publish your pages through it or even Internet Explorer can help you to complete this task.

(a) Upload with FTP software. Refer our knowledgebase article "FTP Upload"

(B) Publish with FrontPage. Refer our knowledgebase article "Manager site with Microsoft FrontPage"

STEP 6: Directory structure (Folder Structure)

This is a folder structure you will see at the time of FTP:

Linux Directory Structure

  • etc - (store other information related to your web site)
  • mail - (store webmail)
  • public_ftp - (for anonymous FTP access)
  • public_html - (Called root folder. To able to display your site properly over internet please upload your web pages and images into this folder.)
  •  tmp -
  • www - link (link to public_html folder)

STEP 7: Default page

A default document tells the web server how to react when it receives a request for your site that, does not specify a specific page. For example, when a web server receives a request for, how could it react? simple, it will open default page of your website.

What will be the name of my default document (page) ?

index.htm, index.html, index.asp, index.aspx, default.htm, default.html, default.asp, default.aspx,

you are requested to set your default page name from any of above displayed name (particularly index.htm, index.html)

You can set the web server to automatically display a default document. In case of Linux, cPanel includes access to .htaccess file within your site.

DO NOT UPLOAD MORE THEN ONE DEFAULT DOCUMENT (for e.g. index.htm, default.htm) into root folder.

STEP 8: Viewing your site after upload

[1] Before DNS (name server ) changes:

You will be provided with temporary URL to view your site. Please refer welcome email's temporary URL column.

[2] After DNS (name server) changes:

Easy to view: Just type http://www.your-domain-name.extension for e.g.

Important Notes:

[1] If you have not purchased your domain name or if your domain is not pointing to CentrioHost's server:

* Always use IP address while uploading your site through FTP.
* Always use temporary URL to publish the web through FrontPage.
* Always use temporary URL to view your site.

[2] You will see "Directory Listing Denied" or "Forbidden" message on the screen, if you have not uploaded default page into their respective folder.

[3] Always upload your default page into root folder. (/public_html)

[4] Request us if you want to change your default page.

[5] FrontPage users: After login into your account through FrontPage, you will directly land public_html  folder so you will not see any public_html folder because your will be in the folder itself.
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