Thursday, March 31, 2011

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is a term that has several different meanings depending on the context. When talking about bandwidth in terms of Web Hosting it refers to the amount of data that transfers into and out of your web hosting account. Incoming data can include requests for web pages, email, FTP requests, and FTP uploads, while outgoing data includes file transfers, web pages, and email. Each hosting account is allocated a certain amount of bandwidth per month. Common figures for bandwidth range from 3 GB for small personal sites up to 200 GB for large business systems.
How much bandwidth do you need? This depends on the amount of traffic your website receives as well as the content. Web pages made up of text and a few pictures are very small in size but if you get thousands of visitors each day you may need a lot of bandwidth. On the other hand website content consisting of downloadable files such as software, music or video is much larger in size, so even if your traffic is fairly low you may need extra bandwidth.
The best way to calculate the amount of bandwidth you need is to calculate the size of your downloadable content and multiply by the number of visitors you receive each month. Add to that the number of emails sent and received and other content such as FTP uploads. The figure you come up with should be pretty accurate because it is unlikely that every visitor to your site is going to download every file or view every page. This will give you a bit of margin to play with.
As your web site grows and as you receive more traffic you may have to increase your bandwidth allotment accordingly. It is better to plan ahead and arrange with your web host for a larger hosting package rather than wait until you go over your limit. Check with your host to see what their policy is in regards to exceeding your bandwidth. Some will allow you to go over by a certain amount while others will shut down your site and demand that you upgrade your account before resuming service. It is always best to keep track of how much bandwidth you are using and anticipate when you need to upgrade.
If you feel that you have sufficient bandwidth for your website and would prefer not to upgrade you may be able to ‘throttle’ traffic if you are approaching your monthly limit. Some hosts offer this service as a way to limit incoming requests or to exclude requests once a certain number has been reached. 
There are several throttling options. You can limit the number of incoming requests by specifying an idle time between requests. This causes incoming requests to be delayed by a specified amount of time if too many are arriving at once. Other options are to impose a limit on data transfer within a certain time period or to limit the number of requests for a certain file. The speed of transfers can also be capped at a certain level. Throttling may not be a good idea if you depend on web traffic for your business. If your pages are slow to load or if users can’t access files they are looking for they may give up and move on to another site. If you have a lot of free content, though, throttling can be useful for keeping your hosting budget within a certain amount.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Comparison of Windows and UNIX Web Hosting

When browsing through the offerings of various web hosting companies you are sure to notice that some offer UNIX hosting and others offer Windows. Some hosts even offer a choice of the two operating systems. What are the differences and which one is better?

First of all, when choosing a host, it doesn’t matter what kind of operating system you develop your web site on or what you use on your own computer. Web sites hosted on both UNIX and Windows servers are universally accessible because the data they serve is identical. The difference lies solely in the software used to serve that data.
In terms of reliability UNIX systems have a slight advantage. They are known to extremely stable and able to run for years without rebooting. Windows is also very reliable, though slightly less so than UNIX but still able to handle the demands of modern web sites.
The majority of web hosts use various flavors of UNIX like Linux and FreeBSD. These operating systems are free and reduce the costs of a hosting operation. Windows costs thousands of dollars so some hosts charge extra for Windows accounts if they offer both types.
As well as being free, Linux and the other UNIX varieties are open-source software. Anyone can alter the source code and make improvements, updates, and additions. There is a large pool of dedicated enthusiasts who use their free time to work on this software. Windows, on the other hand, is Microsoft proprietary software so users are dependent on Microsoft to release updates. There is no way for an individual user to modify the code.
The main difference between the two types of operating systems is the type of software each can run. Windows is suitable for Microsoft products such as MS Access databases, ASP for delivering dynamic content, and VBScript for site enhancements. UNIX cannot accommodate these technologies so if you absolutely need ASP or VBScript you should pick a Windows host. UNIX hosts deliver dynamic content by using software such as PHP, CGI, and MySQL – technologies which are also available on Windows hosts.
Windows is necessary for hosting Windows media files such as videos and audio. Other types of media such as MP3, Flash, Shockwave and Real can be handled by either UNIX or Windows. Websites created in Microsoft FrontPage (a graphical HTML development package) can also be hosted on either type as long as MS databases or dynamic content are not included for use on a UNIX host.

Which is Best?

Before deciding which type of hosting to use for your website, consider carefully what kind of technologies you will need. Do you need a dynamic site? Will you have multimedia content such as streaming video or audio?
Both UNIX and Windows can provide dynamic content with PHP, MySQL, as well as CGI, and there are thousands of dynamic scripts readily available. Multimedia can also be hosted by either type of server, although Windows media (WMA and WMV) need to be hosted on a Windows server.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guidelines For Cheap Web Hosting Services

Ultimate and one of the desired services is cheap web hosting services for a start up company. Setting up personal website or running small online business, if you want to do , then affordable web hosting service will be perfect for you which does not cost you much. There are many service providers offering hosting facility, which includes all required features. Cheap does not mean that you have to compromise on quality. You will the desired service within your budget is meant by it.

A web hosting service provider generally offers two types of servers- dedicated and shared. Because of the reason that under this cheap web hosting plan, you will share the server with many other customers, the shared hosting planes are more economical. It cuts the server cost and offer quality services to the users. The resources provided from such a server are enough to run many websites smoothly, so there is no chance of poor performance.

You should check the type of server, and data center is used by the host company. Some premiers data centers such as Peer1, SoftLayer, Burst Inc etc. are there and considered as good data centers. Ask your company to provide these data centers under the affordable web hosting package for you. From numerous companies you will get an offer, which are offering huge to the unlimited amount of web space and bandwidth. Attempt to escape from such a kind of web hosting scams. If you come across such a cheap web hosting plan, recheck it because there nothing likes unlimited space. Even, the bandwidth cannot be unlimited, so check the term and condition and policing before finalizing any affordable web hosting plan.

The cheap web hosting services plans depends on the size of the company and its requirements. Great capacity, quality and security are offered by some of the plans to the user. It is good to compare fees and services attached with every hosting plan first if you want to get a best deal within your set budget. cPanel interface is used by most of the plans, which enables the user to manage everything from their email accounts to sub-domains and MySQL databases.

Full command over the server is not offered by the affordable web hosting plans. The dedicated server from a provider is hired by many companies, which are there to offer it as a shared server to the users. Undoubtedly the performance and functionality of the website will not be hampered by it and also, cut down the budget effectively. A powerful and affordable web host plan can set you free from all server related problem and provide complete return on investment. Great research must be done by you on the reliable service provider and compare their plans and package before hiring anyone. Ultimate are such web host services for a personal website and small scale businesses.

Do I really need 24×7 support for my web hosting company?

Web hosting is a world wide business, and to help your client you need hosting support services which have to be around 247 i.e. during all time zones which would definitely get their problems fixed within time.

In a instance, if you hold an existing customer who is a owner of a web design company and is in a meeting with their potential client and affording him a online demonstration and is facing up some technical problems which has to be fixed by the web host. This is an awkward situation for them especially if your hosting company doesnt have access to the support staff 247, this customer will have wait and see for you to come online during your working hours and get their issue fixed.

At once, think if you have a 247 support team this client will come on your website and contact you through support channels you have i.e. live chat and helpdesk support. And, your technical support staff available on duty is notified about the issue by the support channels you have and gets the problem fixed within no time. This is what a customer expects from your company, and I bet they would definitely spread the name of your company across the web or known ones, of which would give you more business.

Whether youre a web hosting reseller, VPS hardware node container owner or a dedicated server owner its mandatory to have a 247 support online presence to help your clients.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Low Cost Small Business Web Hosting

There are many things to consider when selecting the best small business web hosting. With all the options and features available in the web hosting industry, it may be a good idea to take time out to educate yourself on what is the best type of small business web hosting. Your particular needs are crucial in finding the best web hosting for your small business.

There are three categories of web sites. Personal/Small Business Homepages, E-Commerce, and Information sites. The type of web hosting you choose will depend on what category your business falls into. Your small business may be related to information and small business services. This is one reason why it's important to find out what small business web hosting is best for your situation. You may not need the expensive types of hosting services that some people need for large sites. With a small business you usually do not need the massive disk space and bandwidth large E-Commerce business sites need for their hosting needs.

Important Considerations For Small Business Web Hosting

Unlimited space, transfer. This is in many cases an advertising ploy. Be sure to check out the small business web hosting Acceptable Use Policies to see what they say about unlimited plans. You may end up kicked off if you use too much space if you do not upgrade.

Setup fees. Many small business web hosting services don't tell you about the fees until you go to the sign up page.

No POP email access to emails. Some small business web hosting services only offer you access to site's email accounts.

Limit on monthly traffic. Some small business web hosting services will limit you on how many hits your site or sites can receive.

Customer support. Does the small business web hosting service have good customer support 24/7? Do they offer weekend support?

Control panel. For experienced webmasters this is not a problem, but for new users a small business web hosting control panel is a must.

Does the small business web hosting service require long term commitments? Many times you can go month to month with a good web hosting service.

Uptime guarantees. Take a good look at the small business web hosting uptime qualifications.

FTP transfer limits. Few small business web hosts have limits on FTP use to their customers.

There are many aspects to consider when looking for small business web hosting. The time you spend on educating yourself on the different features can be invaluable in choosing the right small business web hosting service for your needs. You will know you have made the right decision for your small business web hosting solution.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reseller Web Hosting – Helpful Tips And Benefits

One of the great benefits of a web hosting reseller is you can earn some extra money at the same time as having web hosting. You may even end up making a full time income with a web hosting reseller. Some web hosting resellers pay very well.

Choosing The Right Reseller Web Hosting

It is a good idea to know what is the best web hosting reseller for your situation. You will need a reliable web hosting reseller that can provide you with good customer support. A good web hosting reseller will provide you with the tools you need to be successful with their service both for yourself and for the reseller aspects of your business.

What Is Reseller Web Hosting?

Reseller web hosting provides a reseller hosting account to the reseller who resells space and bandwidth to their own clients. There is usually plenty of bandwidth and space for this type of service.

What Is A Web Hosting Reseller?

Web Hosting reseller is a person or a company that acts like an agent to resell the hosting companies products and services. The web hosting reseller can receive commissions and or discounts from the web hosting reseller company. They may even create their own custom web reseller accounts to re-sell to customers.

It is important to realize that when dealing with a reseller web hosting company, some of the control has been taken out of your hands. You will want to make sure the web hosting reseller service is not having problems with downtime. You can end up missing out on important emails and or sales from your valuable customers.

With the right web hosting reseller company, web site developers can be successful with a reseller web hosting service or business. They can provide their customers with web hosting and create web sites at the same time. This is why it is a good idea to find a web hosting company that offers multiple hosting accounts with their web hosting reseller services. A web developer can then host their clients web sites from their own reseller web hosting account.

One of the best things to do before choosing a web hosting reseller company is to get a list of reference sites you can check out to see if they have downtime. With web reseller hosting companies and services you can ask other web site developers about what web hosting resellers they have had good quality service with.

Another important aspect to consider is, does the web hosting reseller have a great list of services and features that you will be able to offer to your customers. This may be the reason you are considering a web hosting reseller in the first place. Take time to shop around for the best web hosting reseller and you will know you have made the right decision.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

8 Things You Need To Know When Changing Your Web Host

Changing from one web host to another can become necessary if your website becomes popular and your current host can't meet your needs for bandwidth, storage, etc. This can be especially true if your site is hosted on a free web host.

If a move become necessary, be sure to plan it carefully. The first step is to decide on a new hosting company, of course.

Once you have found a host that can meet all your needs, you need to move your site on to the new server. Before making any moves, be sure to back up your website from the old host.

If your website isn't well structured and has been growing haphazardly, this is a good time to consider redesigning things. That could simply mean a new page design or it could mean redesigning your database and content storage.

For the first 48 hours after moving to a new host, you should use a redirect page on your old site, that automatically forwards people to the new one. This will ensure that your visitors will see the new site, even if its IP address hasn't propagated yet.

It takes about 48 hours for a new website to get listed on most domain servers across the internet, so after that you should be fine.

A few more suggestions for an easy transition include:

1. Find out whether your new host is running on Unix or Windows and make sure it will be compatible with everything you're moving from the old host.

2. Check to see how much storage you need for all your files and content on your current site, and make sure you get enough on the new host to give you room to grow.

3. Check to see what services your new host offers, and make sure anything you have been using on your current host (like autoresponders, mail forwarding, etc.) is available.

4. If your current website is created using Microsoft Frontpage, make sure your new host supports Frontpage extensions.

5. Check to see what your new host's policy is for extra bandwidth, in case your site continues to get busier.

6. If the new host's server is a shared server, check to make sure there are no adult sites hosted on the same system. They can get busy and cause all the other sites on the same server to slow down.

7. Check the review sites and forums for customer feedback about your new host before signing up. These are good indicators of the level of service you can expect.

Once you have your data uploaded to your new host, test your site to make sure it's working properly. You should be able to preview your site before you fully switch your domain name to the new address.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Managed Vs. Unmanaged Web Hosting

If you have a large and complex website that receives a lot of traffic you may find that shared hosting is limiting your growth and the capacity to serve your customers. It may be time to move on to dedicated hosting. Shared hosting involves placing many websites on one server. All sites share the resources of that server such as disk space and bandwidth. Dedicated hosting means that instead of renting space on a server, you rent an entire server for your sole use.

Dedicated web hosting is much more expensive than shared hosting because the cost of operating the server is not divided between various accounts. The advantages of dedicated hosting include the freedom to use the resources of the server as you please. There are many different dedicated hosting packages to choose from. Their prices depend largely on the physical setup of the server computer. Just as with your home computer, faster processors and bigger hard drives cost more.

Another factor influencing the price is whether or not the server is managed. Keeping a server running in top condition can be a time consuming task. A managed hosting service offers the support and expertise to maintain your server and to perform routine maintenance such as software upgrades. This kind of service can be a viable alternative to hiring your own staff to look after your servers. Managed hosting, however, can be a lot more expensive than unmanaged hosting.  Whether the price is justified depends on the complexity of your website and whether or not you already have people on staff who can look after the day to day operations of a server.

Unmanaged hosting, despite its name, does not really leave you entirely to your own devices. Most hosting companies will offer a certain level of support for all their dedicated hosting packages. This support of course includes hardware maintenance for things like hard drive failure and extra technical support may be available if you need help with configuration or software installation. You will probably have to pay for this extra support but hiring a tech on an hourly basis from time to time may be cheaper than going with a full managed package.

If you are considering unmanaged hosting check to see how much control you can have over the server hardware. If your server becomes hopelessly locked you should be able to perform a re-boot or to expect someone to do it for you with a minimum of delay.

As with any hosting package the value of a dedicated hosting service depends on the reliability and integrity of the hosting company. If your website has grown to the point where you need dedicated hosting you need a hosting provider that you can rely on to keep your site online as much as possible.

Whether you choose managed or unmanaged hosting depends on the technical requirements of your site and the ability of you or your staff to manage a server so that it is running at peak efficiency. If you prefer to have the re-assurance of having highly trained professionals looking after the server, go with managed hosting. If you or your staff can handle most of the maintenance chores, you would be better off with an unmanaged server.

_____________________ Provides 24/7 Managed Hosting Solution ...!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

When to Cancel a Web Hosting Plan

Choosing the right hosting plan is difficult enough when you don't have to factor in an interminable sea of choices and the possibility of receiving terrible service from the hosting provider you choose. Unfortunately, fly by night business is all too mutual in the web hosting industry, so it is hence important to make sure you decided on the right company from the first. Even so, it is not uncommon for someone to be stuck with a hosting plan that they disdain, being afflicted with site downtime and poor performance.

Most people would like to believe that the unreliable service will end soon, and that they’ll be able to enjoy a web hosting plan that will meet all of their requirements. Nonetheless, if you’re having a bad experience with your hosting provider it may be time to make a change, and/or request a refund. The following information details when it is best to switch hosting providers.

Persistent Downtime

Persistent site downtime is absolutely unacceptable in the hosting industry, especially if you currently own an online business that depends on the reliability of your hosting provider. If your hosting provider offers an uptime guarantee, and most do today, be sure to take them up on this guarantee, and at the very least ask for a discount on your current bill because of the inconvenience. If the company refuses to provide some sort of compensation for the persistent downtime then it is time to find a new hosting provider. Any down time that lasts longer than a few hours should warrant a web hosting provider change as well.

Bad Customer Service

If you’ve been on the phone with customer service several times, only to be treated poorly each time, then it may be time to consider a new hosting provider. Good customer service is an integral aspect of every good web hosting provider, and many times being a webmaster requires immediate assistance from trained professionals, not half an hour delays and unfriendly people that do not know what they’re talking about. If you’ve had problems with your hosting provider’s customer support, you may need to start thinking about different options, before you encounter a serious issue that needs immediate support. Customer service should be friendly, fast and knowledgeable about every aspect of web hosting.

Unfair Terms and Fees

If you’ve been noticing unusually high, unfair or unexpected fees on your monthly bills, you may want to contact the hosting provider to let them know how you feel. If you’re told there is nothing they can do, or if you continue to receive inflated bills each month, it may be in the best interest of your online business to cancel your hosting plan with the current provider. Likewise, you should examine the terms and conditions of any hosting plan before you make the decision to purchase the plan, especially if you’re required to pay a year in advance, as is the case with many shared hosting plans, which are often unreliable.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Webmail - Free with hosting

Making use of the Internet hence easy accessible we've found the possibility of check our e mails while relaxing in the home. Read about three great Webmails that will make your life easier.
Superior general about Webmail.
During the time you talk about Webmail you 're mentioning to email that you access via you web browser. Your email is n't only for one computer. As long as you have access to the Internet you'll willing to read your mail. Many count the year of 1997 as the year when Webmail was presented to the world, via the release of Hotmail. If you want to read more about the phenomenon that is Webmail we have a outstanding article about this issue on our site.


The Squirrel Webmail is a standard-based e mail written in PHP. Of, Course it's free to sign up with this client and here's why you really should consider it. Everything from the message list to the address book is greatly designed and easy navigated.

If you want to personalize your mail you've gotten every possibility in the world to do it with Squirrel. With assorted themes the look of your Webmail can be adjusted to what you like. There are several plugins available if you feel like adding some extra details. E.g. you have the possibleness add a calendar, extend the functionality of your address book and add filters to battle junk e mail. Truly a great Webmail! .


Access your emails anywhere in the world during the Horde webmail program. With Horde you'll easily be capable to compose e mails and handle incoming messages. To make it easier for there is an excellent address book structuring your contacts. If you have some unfinished work you can save it as draft on the Horde Webmail Hosting.

Think of Horde as something similar to the widely known Outlook Express. The only difference is that with Horde you can access your emails wherever you are, as long as you can get on the Internet. There is a reason for the popularity of this Webmail.


RoundCube is a free Webmail software and it's quite possibly the most well known of the three listed here. Offering great inbox options, such as drag and & drop, privacy protection, integrated address book and HTML and multipart support this is a top notch Webmail.

If there for any reason would certainly be a problem with your mail, RoundCube offers an excellent customer support that will help you fix currently the bug. This is a Webmail setting a high standard! .

How to buy expired or expiring domain names

A lot of domain names are already taken and they seem to be out of reach forever, but this might not be the basic fact. Every year 1000s expire and SnapNames offering, along with its partners , the possibility for you get the a singular you 've always needed.

The grandness of a good domain name.

In today's growing online business, a good domain name is ever important. It 's important basically because you want peoples to be able to find out your site, and if the domain name does n't match considering your business you 're in a tricky position. As there are already zillions of companies on the web this means that there's just as many domains taken. But it's not impossible to discover a good domain name since there are also millions of domain names that expire each year. This is where SnapNames comes in.

Get a domain name by auction.

SnapNames was launched in 2000 and has since then grown into currently the largest resale market place for domain names by volume . SnapNames closes 100s of auctions everyday and it's a company that still grows, as well in respect as in scale. Exactly what is that they do? The world's top recorders control of a bulk of the best domain names, which are n't already owned by on line byplays. SnapNames continues to add these registrars to its priority partner programme. As a partner they offer their expired domain names through SnapNames before they are available anywhere else in the public mart. It might not seem just but most people are unable to find out and buy these expired names without specialized help.

Just how do you bid on a domain name? Well it's easy ; begin with hunting for available domain names. Once you 've found out the one you want just put it in the basket and checkout . Log in to your account and enter your utmost bidding. SnapNames will take care of the auction for you. If you 're the only bidder you get it for the minimal bid price listed in the search results . The price varies from a few dollars to 1000s depending on how. It could truly be the snap of a life time! .

Monday, March 21, 2011

SecFilterEngine and SecFilterScanPOST

If you require hosting to have SecFilterEngine Off or SecFilterScanPOST Off, do not worry.
Those rules apply to Apache 1.x, but CentrioHost uses Apache 2.x.
We can't completely disable mod_sec, but we can find the rules blocking your scripts (403 error) and disable those rules. Thus, we can meet these requirements.
Simply contact CentrioHost via phone or live chat to report mod security blockage.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Unlimited bandwidth web hosting – why should you look for it

Any webmaster or business owner who has an on line web store will definitely know how important it is to keep the channel of communication between their web sites and the world unimpeded. This particular channel refers to the bandwidth of a web hosting account. Basically, in technical terms it simply means the rate of informations transfer or the amount of data allowed to be transferred in a particular period, typically a month. Today, it is not uncommon to find many web hosting designs include limitless bandwidth web hosting as part of each and every Hosting package.

Unlimited bandwidth web hosting offerings just that boundless amount of data rate to be transferred to the outside world. Whenever someone visits a website, he or she is actually downloading information from the server the web site is hosted. This informations transferee will then be part of the bandwidth apportioned for that particular account. It does not matter how long a visitor stays on a website at one point or another, datas transfer will occur.

Therefore, unlimited bandwidth web hosting is crucial for big web sites that appeal a lot of visitors . Some smaller web sites such as hobby sites , blogs or personal journals will only need 1GB of bandwidth per month. However, 1GB will never be nearly enough for business web sites where visitors come and go and make transactions . If you run a very popular blog , then unlimited bandwidth web hosting is a must too.

Limitless bandwidth network hosting sees continuous flowing of traffic to a web site and lessens the potency of a crash. The effects of a sudden spike in traffic will in some ways be neutralized by an inexhaustible bandwidth network hosting. Of course, it also depends on the type of network hosting explanation whether it is a shared hosting invoice or a dedicated one. For smaller business enterprises, a shared hosting invoice with inexhaustible bandwidth is enough for daily operation.

With limitless bandwidth network hosting, one will never need to vex about the probability of losing visitants or potential customers. If your hosting programme has a bandwidth demarcation and your website has hundreds or visitants per day from various roots, sooner or later the bandwidth boundary will be strained and peoples will not be able to inflict your website. Conceive of the defeat it would cause when peoples thought they have ascertained the information they have been looking for, only to be turned away by a bandwidth boundary.

It is important to have an inexhaustible bandwidth network hosting for World Wide Web 2.0 today. With the consolidation of multimedia systems like raining cats and dogs flash telecastings now, more bandwidth is needed to help the huge amount of informations transmission rate commanded to watercourse the sound recording and television informations by rights.

Thus, limitless bandwidth web hosting controls complete peace of mind. It is like a virtual highway that guarantees continuous and smooth traffic to your web sites. Webmasters need not worry about the technical aspects of their web site and can concentrate instead building up the websites themselves.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

POP3 E mail What is it.

One of the major benefits of by having an access to the internet is that it enables you to transmit with others in real time. Chatting is one fine way of changing info, but e mails are ever so common in the world of net. However, only few peoples are actually aware of how their e mails get transferred from one e mail account to another. If you are concerned in instructing more about this, one of a typical most important things to understand is client server protocol.

What is POP3? .

Speaking of customer waiter communications protocol, POP3 is one of the most popular options. POP3 or Post Office Communications protocol 3 is actually the most recent version of a standard protocol that your net server uses to receive and take hold e mails for you. Your net server makes sure you don't have to face any progenies whenever you check your mailbox to download an e mail.

Now, the point you need to understand is that when you try to download any mail service, you generally do it using POP3. But, it is also quite apposite to advert that POP3 actually does work as a store and forward service. It is so because your e mails are kept on the waiter until you dont break your mailbox and downloaded an e mail. Once you have it downloaded, the mail is canceled from the server. This is the basic function of POP3, but that you may also make use of certain affectations to keep mails on your servers for some time after you have downloaded them.

If you are concerned in keeping your mails stored on a server even after being downloaded, it is better to opt for an alternative protocol, IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol. However, you will be making use of Post Office Communications protocol 3 if you rely on popular electronic mail productions like Outlook Express and Eudora to direct and have your emails. It is in fact important to know that you can also see this communications protocol made into Microsoft Internet Explore and the Netscape.

The bottom line is that to air and have your mails through the internet, you need to make use of a specific communications protocol. This is where you opt for POP3 or IMAP. However, you should stick out this in mind that these communications protocols only deal with the receiving of your messages. Different protocols are used for transferring your e mails across the internet ; SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is one good example of this.

Choosing Between Paid and Free Web Hosting Services

Internet is providing persons and organisations all kinds of openings ; away from free e mail accounts and after this to free website hosting. With a domain name, or rather a registered domain name, that you could have your website hosted without no need of paying a single penny . All the same, before getting taken in by the allure of free and signing up indecisively to in such free hosting accounts , it is necessary to first evaluate your requirements. Else, you certainly will end up at a cross-road.

While free web hosting may be a cost effective solution to your website requirement , at one time or every other, there may be a price to pay. Free web hosting normally have various restrictions, and unless you are newbie who would like to try out some skills on web practice , then it may not be your best option for a serious web business. First, most free network hosting companies will offer a special network space, bandwidth, add on functionalities and support . Usually, the free offering is only on trial basis , where you get down paying for it thereafter.

Evaluate your requirements.

If you want to put up a personal internet site or blog for a little period of time, then a free hosting plan may be suitable for you. However, this is not applicable to all the cases . Some blog software like WordPress requires a database to install in, and if your free web hosting plan does not volunteer a database, then it means its not possible to you. As a matter of fact, most free web hosting plans will not provide databases. If they do, then most likely they will be fixed.

If the free web hosting offering has a boundary on monthly bandwidth like most of them do, then it might not be worthy for a web site with big traffic . Other things to look out for include custom e mail accounts , the type of server platform your website runs on, for example, UNIX operating system or Windows, applications like ecommerce shopping carts, PHP, MySql and Ruby , among others.

If you want a website for a business , a free web hosting plan may not be your best option, especially when its a long term stage business. The reason being that there are many services that you may require to expand your website, of which the free web hosting plan may not provide . However, if the plan allows you to upgrade your plan to paid up, then you may begin there.

CentrioHost has gone Green

How has CentrioHost gone green?
CentrioHost has purchases certified Texas Wind Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for 130% of the electricity used to both power and cool its shared and reseller servers.
How do Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) work?
Simple Answer: Basically, CentrioHost has paid a Texas wind farm to generate renewable energy on its behalf.
Long Answer: When a renewable energy generator produces electricity, it has two options: a) sell the green electricity on a contract to a willing buyer or b) sell the commodity electrons to the utility managing the grid and sell the remaining Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to a third party.  There is a voluntary organization called 'Green-e" that monitors such sales, which keeps the system functioning smoothly with no room for fraud.
Do I have to pay extra for green hosting?
Nope! All of our prices have remained unchanged.
Is this just a marketing ploy?
No. CentrioHost really does want to do its part to help deal with climate change.  If we were only interested in marketing, we could have done a program at a much lower cost.  Instead, we've implemented a very strong program at a substantial cost.
What makes this different from other hosting companies' green hosting?
We're both powering and cooling our shared and reseller servers, we've invested in wind energy to offset 130% of that electricity, and all of the wind energy is generated in our home state of Texas.  As far as we know, no other hosting company has gone as far as CentrioHost.
I don't believe in climate change.
We haven't raised prices at all, so you won't be paying any extra now that we've gone green. Even aside from climate change, switching to renewable energy helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil, create new jobs and improves local air quality.
Why RECs rater than CERs or VERs?
We chose RECs because almost all of our emissions come from electricity, and RECs are the most direct way to deal with electricity related carbon emissions.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Have Spare Time lets start web hosting business

Are You Interested Web Hosting For Your Small Business? .

If you are currently working at the normal 9 to 5 line of work but are trying to build up your own occupation to create fiscal independency for yourself, then web hosting is something you need to pay attention to. Having your own web site for your home business is some of the most cost efficient way to extend your business into something that will truly become a source of income and independence for you and your fellowship. But how do you resolve the trouble of web hosting? .

Solving the Problem of Web Hosting.

All web site needs a host. Network hosting is the service that allows exploiters from all over the world to explore the internet and find your business to buy your productions or your services. The average mortal does not have the time or the money to create their own web site using their own network hosting abilities, so they have to ascertain their web hosting from somewhere, but where? And how much time will it take? After all, if you are still doing work your 9 to 5 business you already have a fussy schedule, can you really work out all of your web hosting needs and make your own web site? .

Web Hosting in Your Spare Time.

Luckily companies have reacted to the needs of individuals who wish to utilize the net to further their home business. It has never been easier or cheaper to begin making your own web site today. Network hosting services can be furnished for literally nothing, or more if you wish to give your web site more professionalism. And all of this can be done in instants, without taking any of your time at all.

The most hard aspect of making your own web site will be determining the web hosting provider that best lawsuits your needs. Ranging in prices from free to $ 10, $ 20, $ 50 a month, you have to find out the package that best suits your little business needs. Aside from making the actual options, it can take you only moments to have your registered web site up and online ready for you to make into the portal to your dreams.

Selecting a Web Hosting Provider.

Selecting a web hosting provider is very important. You want to it is important to find a company that you trust, and will give you the most fringe for your buck. There are many sources available online which will tell you which are the best web hosting companies to use. They give a list of services provided and terms, and reexamine the quality of the company and their provided services. There are also message boards and forums which will give you more selective information as well.

Building Your Web Site.

One of the most fantastic things about web hosting providers is the wealthiness of tools they offer the belittled business owner to create a professional looking web site without requiring computer programming knowledge and tons of sentence. Graphical Web Page Editors, HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE toolkits, free pictures and guides are all often provided by web hosting companies.

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Attracting Extra Web Hosting Customers By Aiming Cities.

Web hosting providers always lookout to discover fresh methods to attract visitors to their web sites. One boulevard that a lot web hosts drop is targeting visitors who are searching for web hosting by city, such as New York Web Hosting, by state, such as California Web Hosting, or by country, such as Canada Web Hosting. These 3 pages show examples of pages that review and supply information on web hosting providers in those cities.

These searchers are seeking a hosting company in a particular city, state, or country, but afforded the proper substance they can often be won over to try your hosting company. After all, given the nature of the web hosting industry, the actual location of your web hosts is not that significant. The data center they use and the support team are actually the 2 most important items.

The following question is how to target these people searchers and turn them into visitors to your website. Like any good search engine advice. Content, Content, Content. The thing to remember.

While most will debate that the opposite is true as well, that this new page is also a page that other prospective customers can use to go away your website and sign-up with a competitor. This might once in a while be true, but for the most part it will attract more customers then it loses. This page does n't have to be a page easily found by people to your homepage.

Monday, March 14, 2011 Web Hosting Sucks

They are far and away the worst hosting company. They make it unimaginable cancel and account, and if you cannot dont do it correctly they will keep billing you. Consider youll be ok when your credit card expires dont worry they will keep billing you and ultimately refer you to collections. When you call to speak to them and tell them to cancel an account you arent using anymore and is in collections, they still wont cancel it. They will nonetheless keep sending out you an email to an address that no more is in existence and bring up you to their online web form. Web Hosting Sucks Hosting provider sucks Hosting Sucks Web Hosting Sucks sucks

Folks who wants have a scraper delight feel free to reproduce this post in its entirety and from now on if you need supporter building one so you can republish this post let me know Ill help in in any manner I can.

The reasons why CentOS is really so Popular.

A lot of web hosting providers, perhaps even most, use CentOS to power their dedicated servers. Of the many options for paid operating systems (such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux or even Windows) or free operating systems (such as Debian or Slackware), these hosts choose CentOS. Currently the question is Why? What is so particular about this Linux distribution that has made it a best loved for dedicated servers? .

The answer is pretty simple. CentOS furnishes the best of both worlds. On one hand, you get an enterprise-quality operating system, basically because it is based on the source code of Red Had Enterprise Linux, which has been examined and stabilized extensively prior to release. On the other hand, CentOS is completely free, open source, and no cost, offering all of a typical user support and features of a community-run Linux distribution.

For updates, CentOS relies on the tested and trusted Red Had Enterprise Linux update network. This means that all of the packages that come through are identical, and CentOS maintains binary compatibility with Red Hat. This means you get an enterprise OS for free.

The catch with CentOS is that you do not get any of the commercial support (although it is optional) or guarantees such as warranties. In other words, if it messes up, no one will fix it but you. For leased dedicated servers, however, the hosting provider may offer support for it, making it a win-win for both the provider, who does not have to pay licensing fees to a vendor, and the user, who still gets quality support.

If you are interested in trying CentOS, you can download it from the project’s website.

Create an SEO Plan Prior to Developing a Website.

Most professionals think building an SEO plan before clicking the first button to create a website is reversed. In fact, many aspects of this idea are. However, by developing SEO methods before website creation, this eliminates the chance of this vital function being an afterthought. Unfortunately, most website owners only consider SEO long after the site has been running which could be weeks, months or even many years.

How to Maximize Profits

To maximize traffic, conversions and thus profits, this mindset needs to head in another direction. The success of internet marketing can literally make or break the business. Therefore, it is not logical to hire an SEO professional after the website has been created. This is similar to conducting demographic research after choosing the location for a store and investing thousands for startup. That just doesn’t make sense.

Collaboration between Development and SEO

Development and SEO are interwoven in that both functions must be considered together. Not following this technique can result in expensive redevelopment due to the constantly changing SEO requirements. On the other hand, these changes could be considered prior to creating the website and therefore a plan could be developed.

Never Rebuild a Foundation

The first point for creating an SEO plan prior to launching a website is you never want to rebuild a foundation. Most SEO experts receive inquiries from customers that are interesting in improving their site with SEO tactics but want to wait until the website is operational. Since SEO is just as large a part of any business plan as website development, this is a hindering viewpoint.

Start in the Pole Position

The second guideline is SEO prior to development begins you in the pole position. This means that you are taking the first position, ahead of the competition. Of course this is the best possible position to start from, thus giving you the greatest advantage. Developing good SEO practices throughout the development stage removes non-value added activities needed to implement the function later and immediately add value once the website goes live.

Search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects of a website. Despite its importance, it is unbelievable most web owners wait until after the website has been created to implement the practice. However, to immediately jump ahead of the competition it is vital to execute this technique which will result in higher profits as a result of maximum internet presence and visibility.

Wikipedia A Thief?

Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, is without a doubt accepted as one of the most amazing sources of information on the internet. This is where people turn to for any information they need. The English language version was brought out in 2001 and has experienced great popularity since then.

But over the years, Wikipedia has had its share of controversies. There have been academics who deemed suspect some entries, as it is an encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone. Many feel that just as too many cooks spoil the broth, too many contributors/editors can also confuse the information.

Wikipedia has fought many battles and the latest one is from Britain’s famous art gallery’s website, “National Portrait Gallery (NPG).” They have threatened to take legal action as they claim that images from their website have been uploaded to Wikipedia. In response to this, the online encyclopedia has accused the National Portrait Gallery of betraying its public service mission.

An image of the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I looks on amusingly from the art gallery and now also the Wikipedia pages, as the two adversaries battle for rights hundreds of years after she was painted. The fact is that 3,300 high-resolution images from the gallery have been uploaded to Wikipedia in April, by a Ph.D. student and volunteer from Seattle, Derrick Coetzee, and the gallery is not too happy with that.

The gallery founded in 1856 said it needs to recoup the 1 million pounds cost of digitalization program and threatened legal action. The gallery has ordered a well-known law firm to sue Coetzee unless the pictures are removed. Gallery officials say that although, the portraits are not in copyright, the photographs are and that they spent around £1m to create high resolution images, which therefore require a license fee. They say Wikipedia has not responded to their letters.

Wikipedia on its part is fully supportive of Coetzee and argues that the portraits are under public ownership. Deputy Director of the Wikipedia Foundation that runs the online encyclopedia, Erik Moeller said that museums and other cultural institutions should not pursue extra revenue while limiting public access to their material. He wrote in his blog post, “It is hard to see a plausible argument that excluding public domain content from a free, non-profit encyclopedia serves any public interest whatsoever.”

He also mentioned that two German photographic archives donated 350,000 copyrighted images for use on Wikipedia, and there have been other institutions in the United Kingdom and the US that have looked and understood the benefits of making their material available for the public free of charge. According to another Wikipedia volunteer, the gallery only makes around 10-15,000 pounds each year from Web licensing.

However, the gallery insists that it has been misrepresented and although it does not make much money from Web licensing, its income from reproduction of its images in magazines and books is much more, around 339,000 in the previous year.

Another point of contention is that of copyright laws in different countries. Coetzee is a US citizen where the laws pertaining to images of publicly owned art are different and the gallery opines that since the images are protected under U.K. copyright law, the law of the land rules. This raises interesting questions about how the local law affects websites that are located in other parts of the world.

This news has become a raging topic in cyberspace, leading to a conflict of words between supporters of free information and cultural institutions who wish to protect their limited revenue streams, which include the license fee for reproducing images of their artworks.

Opinions on this issue vary. While some support Wikipedia saying that people have a right to see these images as they are public property already; others insist that the likes of Wikipedia want to take advantage of the new technology and have everything for free, and if somebody takes the effort to produce the best picture possible, then they need to be protected. Since the gallery makes low to medium resolution images available free for people, many feel that it was wrong of Wikipedia to take the high resolution images.

Coetzee is the only one who has not yet commented on what is a repercussion of his deeds. It is left to be seen what route this controversy takes and if Wikipedia is stuck with the label of a thief.

Best 7 Top Reasons You Must Have A Web Site.

Having a website has become a true necessity these days. And there are various reasons why you must have a website.

A. PERSONAL WEBSITE Having a website of your own equals entering into an invaluable communication environment. There are at least 7 reasons why it is substantially advisable for you to be present online:

1. Represents your personal profile A website can be your virtual portrait, showing off your personal self to the world on a 24/7 basis. Among the most popular ways of presenting your personality online is keeping a webblog (otherwise known as online diary) or a photo gallery, where your contacts can stay up-to-date with your daily living.

2. Spreads your voice across the world A website can be your worldwide “tribune” where you are able to share your knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with those who have common interests, but with whom you might not otherwise have crossed paths. A very popular idea-voicing tool is the discussion board, better known as “forum”. You can also have a guestbook on your site, where people can discuss your postings.

3. Lets you be in touch with people at a distance A website can be a meeting place for making new contacts[spin] with people of different religion, nationality and age, as well as for keeping in touch with friends who may be on the other side of the [spin]world. Thanks to the almost unlimited online communication possibilities you can conduct one-to-one conversations with many different people directly from your website.

4. Broadens disabled people’s interaction with the world A website empowers people with limited access, due to handicap or illness, to broaden their communication with others. A website can be a physically disabled person’s door to the dynamic world, allowing him/her to bridge over the difficulties of having a “different” everyday life. It can even be their office, where they can present and deliver certain home-made products/services directly from their living room.

5. Creates a web skill development environment A website can introduce you to the secrets of www. The contemporary web design technologies have brought the art of creating a website just a few clicks away from the inexperienced user. Thanks to the popular WYSWYG (what you see is what you get) web design tools, absolutely everyone (irrespective of age or education degree) can make their own web page without any prior experience.

6. Makes extra income for you with minimum investment on your part A website can make residual profit for you, while you are sleeping or enjoying your free time. Thanks to the up-to-date systems for bringing traffic to your website, you can make easy cash by simply having visitors click on certain product/service promos or links that are relevant to your site content pages (e.g. Google Adsense/Adwords ad solutions) without any initial investment.

7. Makes you a member of the biggest community of the world A website is a must-have personal attribute these days, just like cell phones and computers are. The fast developing technologies have converted having a website from a whim into a modern necessity. As of today, almost everyone has a web site, whereas twice as many people are expected to be having their own personal space in the global World Wide Web cosmos in the near future. Be forward-thinking, join this trend now.

B. BUSINESS WEBSITE Having a website of your own provides your business with invaluable advantages over the conventional advertising channels. There are at least 7 reasons why you should present your business online:

1. Increased customers’ convenience: Searching for businesses and products over the Internet is much easier and faster than leafing through the Yellow Pages. Anytime a potential or existing customer needs to observe more about your business, they can easily do that, especially if you have an “F&Q” section added. Your customers can be always in touch with you, all they need to know is the address of your website.

2. Greater accessibility to your business profile: Your business profile will be accessible from EVERYWHERE. No other ad channel provides such worldwide coverage. You will not depend any more on restricted presentations based on phone book entries. What is more essential, more and more customers nowadays resort to the Internet when searching for products, services and businesses.

3. Greater opportunities for promoting your business portfolio: People can’t buy your products or services if they don’t know that they actually exist. Through a WEBSITE you can tell your potential audience much more than you could possibly do via any print advertisements, Yellow Pages listings, or TV/radio commercials. There are no limitations with regard to space and time, nationality and residency. You can say as many things as you want, to as many people as wish. And your business representation can be as resourceful as is the Internet.

4. Low-cost efficient advertising: Basically, what happens is – your website runs a NON-STOP PROMOTION of your business! Your clients are always able to obtain up-to-date and thorough information about your services or products. Instead of having to rely on randomly aired TV or radio commercials, they can easily browse through your website whenever they have time or need to.

5. Around-the-clock accessibility: A website is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It will be your hardest-working employee, never getting sick, or taking holiday. And you can always rest assured that your website is there for you – to answer to your customers’ questions, or to collect their feedback instead of you.

6. It saves time: With a website, potential customers can learn about you and your business at any time of the day or night without you having to be all the time pre-occupied with the process. The time you would otherwise spend on answering or re-directing of your customers’ questions can be now saved and invested in further activities to increase your earnings, in other words – in further expansion of your business.

7. It saves money: You can save a lot of money spent otherwise on print and postage costs for brochures, coupons, flyers, specials, newsletters, and other mailings. Furthermore, while regular renewals of printed materials can be quite expensive and also time consuming, updating information on your website is always handy, fast and most important - amazingly efficient. As we all know, nothing is more valued in a business than optimal productivity for minimal input expenses.

There are numerous reasons why you must have a web site, and just as numerous reasons why your choice at this Powerful Web Hosting site is sincerely worthwhile. They focus their online efforts on providing both beginners and IT professionals with a whole web product that gives you all you want to step onto the Internet scene instantly and trouble-free - cost-effective web hosting plans with domains and e-mail features, FREE web design and web content tools, and lots of guarantees for your online success. To make the services more accessible to the general public of users, they are offering an easy, time-saving and all-automatic, 1-click installation process of more than 30 PHP scripts, including some of the most popular blog, cms, forum, gallery scripts, like Joomla, Wordpress, PHPBB, Coppermine and many more. Our services also support the newest stable versions of PHP, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Having a website has become a true necessity these days. Here you will find all the required website resources in one site - 24/7 Low-Cost Web Hosting services complemented with FREE bonuses such as popular php scripts, marketing tools and a website builder, among others.

Useful Beginner Resources:

- centriohost Knowledgebase

- itsAllNet FAQs

- Basic Guide to Web Hosting

- - Web Hosting Explained

- - Host FAQs

- TopHosts - Finding The Host With The Most

Things to Seek Out In a Web Service Provider

The moment you develop a webpage you need a web hosting company to put it over the net. Virtually, every web host has huge web servers which maintain all kinds of business data and worthful information for a fee. This article provides useful advice that will help you in choosing a reliable and also the best website hosting firm.

With 10000s of website hosting providers all over the internet, it takes quite a bit of research in searching your ideal web hosting firm. A reliable hosting company is the one which provides a good amount of storage space and bandwidth at reasonable rates.

Security on the internet is of utmost importance, peculiarly with the growth in the number of internet cyberpunks. Before choosing a service provider, do a thorough research in terms of the type of security provided by the company, does the web host provide a back up facility, the encryption mechanism used by the company and so on.

The 2nd important criterion is the technical support provided by the company. Bad lucks can happen anytime on the internet. If the service provider that you choose is not quick to provide the support, it might have an adverse impact in terms of the accessibility to the website which will ultimately have an awful effect on your business. Technical support for 24 hours is what you should look for when choosing a web hosting company.

With technology changing almost every single day, it is in your vested interest if the company that you are going for is at par with the change in the technology. The website hosting provider you choose should know about the latest technologies in the market. You can even use good words and feedback from other clients of that company as pointers to get an idea of the brand name value of the web host.

The price factor might just prove to be a critical one. With rival in this niche so high, notice umpteen numbers of companies at your disposal. The rates will vary from one web hosting company to other depending on your storage and bandwidth requirements. It is best to first analyze your requirements in terms of the space you would require and the traffic so you might would expect before choosing on a package. If say, you have a huge amount of web content ; you will require a web hosting package that matches this need. But, folks who wants do not have that a lot pages to host, you would be running off your resources in paying for a package that has high storage space.

These are some of the factors that you will require to keep in mind while selecting a web hosting firm.

For more information related to Web Hosting, Website Hosting , Domain Registration and Domain Name please visit

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Free Alternatives to cPanel

cPanel is intelligibly the leading control panel for server administration, resellers, and general website management. Nonetheless, this software is not perfect, and its shortcomings may warrant users to seek alternatives. The two biggest drawbacks to cPanel is its status as a closed product that limits extendability and a license the is not very cost effective for smaller companies. If you find the limitations or costs of this award winning control panel to be a bit much, below are a few free alternatives that may offend your interests.


An open-source solution, Web-cp is a derivative of Web://cp and picks up right where that project left off. It utilizes a four layer module system that supports server, reseller, domain and email management, which is becoming standard functionality in many premium control panels. And just like the original project, Web-cp is written in the PHP language so it should not put much, if any, additional stress on the server. This control panel makes it a great option for the server that lacks power but still needs to run a great deal of add-on software components.


VHCS is another free open-source control panel that makes a viable alternative to cPanel. The feature list for this panel is impressive, consisting of support for server and domain management as well as extensive reseller capabilities. VHCS is compatible with a nice selection of Linux distributions, including Debian, CentOS, SUSE and Fedora. Perhaps the most unique aspect of this control panel is the fact that the software is written in a collection of compiled and interpreted languages, which gives it common capabilities and a little edge as well. Its graphical user interface is written in PHP for web page support, its back-end daemon is written in C, and the engine is written in Perl to enable streamlined system management. On the surface, VHCS seems to be a worthy free alternative to the mighty cPanel.


Webmin is a free control panel distributed under an open-source license. It is heavy on Perl programming and Spam Assassin in addition to several other applications one would expect from a good cPanel competitor. Webmin also has additional counterparts that are also free, most notably, Usermin and Virtualmin. Usermin is a more stripped down version that allows users to manage their webmail while Virtual Min, which comes in a free and paid version, is the control panel designed for resellers. Boasting robust features such as cluster server management, Webmin is currently one of the most popular free alternatives to cPanel.


When looking for a cPanel alternative, keep in mind that price is not necessarily the most important factor. Whether you are out for something that is open or closed source, the product should be easy to use, well supported, and most importantly, efficient for your needs. And while cPanel may not be able to suit every requirement, remember that it is number one for a reason.

A Detailed Look at Reseller Web Hosting.

Everyone who wants a web site on the internet needs to have a web host. The huge amount of potential customers has made web hosting a really profitable business. However, launching your own hosting company is normally quite difficult. To set up a hosting company from scratch you definitely need to buy your own servers and maintain them. A elementary option has evolved in reseller web hosting.

Reseller Hosting

There is a much easier way of offering hosting services to your customers. The easiest way of doing this is to sign up for a reseller hosting account. Reseller accounts can host multiple domains and websites on a single server.

By registering a reseller hosting account it is possible to sell hosting space without owning servers yourself. It is also possible to make money from this method and it’s much easier than setting up your own hosting company.

Reseller Control Panel

Most reseller hosting accounts include an internet based control panel. This makes it very easy to create new accounts and make adjustments to the settings of your hosting account. The most popular control panel used for reseller hosting is WHM as this integrates nicely with cPanel.

The reseller control panel is slightly more complicated than a basic hosting control panel. The business reseller control panel needs to be used to create new users, suspend accounts, back up all the sites on the server and install new updated services.

Finding Reseller Hosting Accounts

If you are interested in a reseller hosting account then you will need to take your time and choose carefully. Your reseller hosting account will be part of your business. This means that you will need to make ensure that it offers everything you need for the lowest price possible.

Important things to look out for include the following:

  • Reliability – It’s essential that you can offer a reliable service to your customers. Look out for a service with an uptime guarantee.
  • Cost – It is possible to find reseller hosting packages in a variety of different price brackets. Choose one which offers everything you need. Avoid the very cheap services on eBay though because these are normally very unreliable.
  • Automation – Some of the better hosting accounts allow you to automate the process of signing up new customers. This is very useful since your customers do not need to wait to use their account. WHMCS can be used with WHM hosting packages; this is worth looking for from your reseller hosting company because a separate license is very expensive.

Reseller hosting accounts can be utilized as a good way of starting a hosting business from scratch. When your business expands it’s then possible to purchase your own hardware and servers so you can continue to offer more services. check out our Reseller Plan at


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