Friday, August 27, 2010

How do I get my website on the Internet?

First of all you need to get a hosting company, like us, to host your website on servers where other people can access your website. You then need to pick the correct package for your needs. You will also need to choose your domain name, for example etc. Once you've registered with us we will send you all your account details you need to upload and manage your website. After your website is complete and your ready to publish it, use FTP to upload your website to our servers. This can be done through Internet Explorer, any other browser or 3rd party software. You log in with your given username and password and just copy and paste your website files.

If your website is not too big you may also mail or send your site to us and we will gladly upload your website.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Free File Hosting

MegaUpload makes it possible to share big files up to 500MBin size. You can choose between ad-financed free or affordable premium account which allows online storage, handy uploading and downloading tools, and business accounts with pay-per-downloads.

MediaMax offers a private and secure place to upload, store, access, and share your personal videos, photos, movies, music, and files. Up to 25GB of free storage, 10MB per file.

Mofile offers 1GB of storage space for sharing your files. Each file gets a unique 16-digit code which you can give to your friends.

Mediafire is a convenient storage service that permits to upload 10 files of 100MB each. It’s a great solution for your blog, MySpace, or forum. You can link your file to any site you like. There’s no need in registration or installation. offers up to 1GB of storage of files up to 10MB size each. Store your documents on Box so that you can access them from anywhere.

GigaSize free account offers unlimited files storage - 600 MB/file. Files are stored for 90 days. Very convenient file organizer.

BooMP3 specializes in audio hosting. It allows to upload and share audio files in mp3 format as well as podcasts. You can place links at your Myspace, blog, LiveJournal, or to other websites.

Badongo’s free account allows you to use additional features and tools. The Badongo Buddy software requires Free Registration for the uploader function and Premium if you want to download as well. With the Badongo Buddy you can drag and drop multilple files from your Desktop and they will upload directly into your Badongo account.

4shared give 5 GB virtual drive for storing your media files. There’s a 100 MB limit on file size. allows you to store an unlimited number of files, with unlimited disk space and bandwidth usage, indefinitely, allowing you to choose among different types of share (private, public, by user, by group or by generating private download links).

RapidSahre makes it easy to share an unlimited number of files. The file size limit is 100MB. It’s up to you to decide who will be able to access your file - you can set password and give it to your friends.

FileHo offers unlimited storage, you can choose to share your files or keep them private.

FilesUpload is an optimum alternative to sending large email attachments, which are time and often money consuming. Files-Upload is one of the easiest free file hosting service. It allows to upload a file and then share it by emailing the link. Its advantage is that you don’t have to install additional software.

DivShare - Upload a file, store it forever, embed it anywhere you want.

Xdrive features: back up your valuable files - your music, photos and more - automatically. Conveniently access all your files from anywhere. Easily share your files with friends and family. Get 5GB for Free.

Woofiles - Up to 1GB of storage.

FileDEN is another free file hosting service. Using this service you can easily share your files with your friends or anyone else. You can also use thus service to embed your files into your website, blog, or MySpace. You can view your files even from mobile phone.

Webcargo lets you send large files via email, without the need to reduce files to attachment size. High-resolution scans, graphics, illustrations, powerpoints, storyboards, broadcast audio and video.

OneDump is free image, text and audio hosting which allows to host unlimited number of files. It is also possible to use this service for uploading, linking and sharing your files. You can use attractive image galleries to share your photos with friends. Free video sharing will be available soon.

Boxstr is a great solution to store your files on the Internet. This service allows to store up to 5 GB of files for free registered users and 50 GB for Premium account.

QuickSharing - Up to 500MB per file, deleted after 30 days of inactivity.

BigFilebox is an online space on a BigFilebox’s server that lets you upload and distribute electronic files of every type. It’s always on and always available. Free account includes 1 filebox, 250MB storage, 1GB transfer.

zUpload is 100% free. You can send/upload up to 500MB per file and can upload as many files as you want. Unlimited downloads and there are no bandwidth limitations. The file will be deleted in 30 days of inactivity. All file extensions allowed except scripts like cgi, pl, php, asp.

Exaroom - Upload files, make a profile, let friends browse and download your files, access your files from anywhere.

FreeFileHosting - Free hosting of files up to 3MB in size.

MyFabrik - 1GB of media storage you can share and embed. - Unlimited image hosting for use with sites such as eBay and MySpace.

TagAndFile allows to store up to 100 MB for free.

Tilefile - Upload, organize and share your files with friends.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

What is HTML and PHP?

These are coding languages in which your website is written. PHP files are just like HTML files, but they can include both HTML and PHP code. The PHP code is parsed (or executed) by the Web server when the page is accessed and the resulting output is written as HTML within the Web page. When a user accesses a PHP page, his Web browser only gets sent the HTML code, since the Web server has processed the PHP code in the background. PHP can process more complicated code and you can do more with it. Linux web servers support these languages.


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