Saturday, May 29, 2010

How to Switch Hosting Providers Avoiding Downtime

Moving your web site from one host to another can seem like something really time consuming and difficult task especially when you are unaware of the “Simple steps” involved in the shifting from one to another host. I have added, all of those steps you would have to take for web site shifting purpose, under this note. These steps will don’t consume much downtime.
Let’s gather the knowledge about these steps:
But before you leap ahead the most important and foremost thing to be kept in your mind is not to terminate your existing host account until you get your web site completely shifted to new location. There are probabilities that you are not satisfied by your existing host but you must keep in mind that you need to keep your web site until you are sure of the fact that your site has been successfully launched by your new host and it is now functioning successfully with new host.
Following are the steps which can avoid your shifting process consuming much downtime.

STEP 1: Chose a New Hosting Provider

As the first step you would require to choose new hosting provider, which may be capable for fulfilling your requirements.

STEP 2: create a new account

Sign up with your freshly chosen host. If you have signed-up you are ready to move to next step.

STEP 3: back up all of your files from prior account

This is a simple step but it may take time because of the size of your web site. Gather all of your files from the website using FTP.

STEP 4: Upload all your files to your new account with chosen host

After you have downloaded your files from your web site you would require uploading all of the files to your newly created account.

STEP 5: Create new Mailing Accounts

To lose any of the important email, you would require creating same email addresses with your new host as were there with old host.

STEP 6: check your files and links

Now, check all of the files and pages of your website. The links also require verification, for them to be working in right order. For assistance you can make a temporary URL to your website. The easy way for this is creating a sub-domain for another URL and then directing it to your website.
Any of good web hosting providers can provide you with the option to create temporary URL for you to test your shifted web site.

STEP 7: Change your DNS

After file uploading and verification of your web site’s workability you would require for changing your DNS. Your new host would provide you with new settings for DNS.

STEP 8: Waiting for the propagation of the DNS changes

Once the changes are made with the DNS setting you would require waiting for the propagation of the changes made. It may take 1 hour or at most 24 hour.

STEP 9: cancel pre-existing account

As soon as you are sure about the DNS setting propagation, you are free to cancel your old account.
Following these steps can be so assisting to save excessive downtime.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Backing up Your Website with cPanel

The most important thing for any system to keep operating rightly includes keeping the backup files for that system. You must keep in mind that keeping the backup record for any system is of primary importance as compared to keep it running or putting it up.
A system which lacks the backup cannot be relied upon, not for any actual purpose. Backup means keeping the record of data, sp if you lack such back up you are at risk of losing whole of the data for just a simple mistake.

Something might happen which may result in your leveled business kingdom which you had built after much labor. But if you kept the backup for your business, you need to worry much.

What is the strategy which can be helpful in backup?

A healthy strategy for business backup is generally composed of four main factors. These factors are given below:
- Backup
- Storage
- Verification
- Restoration
These factors are useful enough in covering whole of the things which can help you in keeping the backup of your business.
Backup: this component will cover the selection of the method and also the data which needs to be stored as the backup data.
Storage: is the component covering the selection of the media in which the data has to be stored and also the location for the backup data storage.
Verification: is the critical component for the strategy of backing up the useful data. This means you have to verify if you have stored useful data or the data stored is good for nothing.
Restoration: is the last component which makes available the stored backup data your way.

Kinds of backup strategies:

Above are given the components for backup strategy but the strategies most often adopted for keeping backup record are of two kinds.
- Disaster Recovery
- Archival
Disaster recovery: is designed so the backup data is restored to the working state. In this strategy person backups the whole of the system in operation, this will allow the restoration of the system on some other machine.
Archival Strategy: is a sort of strategy which is directed to the retrieving the historical data. This is nothing to with the operational system.
The recommendation is made for both of the backup strategies. If you are looking for some healthy strategy then you can combine the both kinds of backup strategies. Once you are decided with any of the backup strategy or have come up with the combination of the strategy, you must test them.
cPanel administrative interface can be one of the ways to keep the backup records for your online business. it can keep a vast backup for your business. while the backups are easily restored through the same interface.
Don’t forget to put the data for the downloaded files with your backup data. It is important sort of data and should be integrated with the backup files.
You can also burn the files to disc.

Improving MySQL database performance!

Most of the shared hosting users use different content management system for their websites. There are different types of content management systems. These content management systems use mysql database most of the time. A CMS can have degraded performance when the user’s database gets fragmented. Mysql Database fragmentation appears when you make lots of changes on your database cause lots of writes and updates. Periodically, these changes cause memory fragmentation on the database, mostly MyISAM storage engine performs tremendous slow on a fragmented condition! This tutorial should have the advises for shared hosting users, how often they should de-fragment their databases and how!

CMS like forum has more fragmentation than a blog. Most of the cases the log tables are seriously fragmented as they are periodically updates for very small number of changes. But nevertheless, mysql database of a blog can get fragmented as well when you periodically updates the posts and receives lots of comments. Age of your database matters a fact of fragmentation. A rule of thumb I have seen people follow, they de-fragment their database at least once a month. If you are running a pretty busy forum and seeing performance of your database is degrading, you should try de-fragmenting the database first to see if that improves the performance or not. In few cases, I have seen, performance improves over 60% after the de-fragmentation.

Now lets talk about how can you defragment your mysql database tables. Mysql provides a build in command called “Optimize” to defragment a database table. The easiest way to optimize a database is to visit Cpanel >> Mysql Databases >> Use the Optimize Database option from your database list.

You can also optimize all the tables of a database using phpmyadmin. Visit phpmyadmin from your cpanel >> Select the database, Check all the tables and issue the command “Optimize” from the dropdown. This would defragment all of the tables for you.

You should periodically run optimize command if you feel your database performance is important and the write/read performance on your database is degrading. On CentrioHost, we run Mysql check on all the databases of MyISAM storage engine once in 2 months period to make sure the performance doesn’t degrade if you are not de-fragmenting your databases regularly.

If a table is crashed then you should try to repair it (Repair is another tool given by Mysql similar to Optimize to fix corrupted tables), if it is not working, then you should immediately mail at our support to get your table restored from our backup garage.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

6 Best Tips To Choose Web Hosting Service

There are many different web hosting services out there to choose from. This can make things a little complicated for many people to figure out, much less those who don't know what a service like this does and why they might need one.
Choosing Web Hosting
What They Do
A web hosting service is a company that helps those looking to set up their own website find the space on the internet to do so. They are the companies that give out the domain names for websites. While there are some things along this line provided by most ISP's at no charge, most companies that are looking to build a website will need to go with one of the ones that does cost money. This is due to the fact that they have more to offer than those that are free, and therefore allow the clients to put more into the website that they create.
Free Options
As for the free service, users usually get either a basic webpage or are allowed to upload files that they would like to share. For those who are not in need of something that is more elaborate than this it is the perfect option. It comes at no cost and does only what you need for it to do. Great for something to the effect of a personal type of webpage.
Paid Options
For those who need something more than this, there are the hosting services that charge a fee. these give the user the ability to be more creative with the content of the individual pages and the site overall. Most of the websites that people visit on a daily basis are provided by this type of service.
How it Works
The way that the more complex hosting services work is that they allow the users to install scripts on their page that each create a different app for the site. When it is all combined together what results is the interactive type websites that are the most common. Sites such as these offer games for the users to play or forums for the users to post on and such other types of apps that are common on many of the websites that people go to everyday.
There are many different types of web hosting services out there and each has different things that they offer to make them unique from the others. This is just one of the many reasons that one should do their research on the different options that are available and they different types of service available to them. This will help to ensure that they are getting what they need from the service that they choose and also that it will all be able to fit into the budget that they have. All of these are very important aspects to consider when looking around at the different companies that offer this service.
In Review
With all the options to consider when it comes to web hosting services, a little time and effort can go a long way in making sure that you are getting what you need for your site. If you are not in need of the more complex options such as running scripts, then one of the free providers might be just the answer for you. However, if you do need these types of options available, or even if you do not need them now but will in the near future, you will want to look into the providers that charge.

Friday, May 7, 2010

How to change Joomla URL to search engine friendly

These days Google is target one for every site. If you are using any CMS to develop your website it is must to optimize your site according to basic web standards. If it is the case that you are using Joomla as your CMS. It is must to change the URL to Search Engine Friendly so that the site content can be tracked by major search Engines easily.
The steps to make the Joomla URL search engine friendly are :
  1. Access htaccess.txt in your root directory and rename it to htacess.htaccess
  2. Visit your Joomla Global Configuration and in SEO settings set  options to ‘yes’ and save.

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