Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valuable Search Engine Submission

Your website is now finally done and ready to bring some quality traffic. Of course there is no shortage of promotion techniques and search engine optimization is one of the most effective. SEO consists of many components, but this article will focus on the first step – the presentation of search.
The importance of search engines
A search engine such as local Yellow Pages book. Because the yellow pages only lists in your area, a search engine provides a reach around the world. Any use robots or spiders crawl the web for pages that are indexed in the database. Search engine driven by keywords, and that’s what the user typed in the box to find the content they are seeking. While the application of keywords and link popularity play a big role in getting your site to rank well, manually submit your site as important.
Google and Yahoo
Google and Yahoo are easier than the two major search engines on the web. Even Google is undoubtedly the most popular, Yahoo is often considered the best. When you find the same on both machines, you’ll find that Yahoo gives a lot of Google results visible. Either way, both must be on top of your list to submit to search engines. If your site is not in this list, you lose a lot of traffic.
A relatively new option, MSN is a search engine, developed by Microsoft. Although not as popular as Google and Yahoo, get your site listed in MSN also important, because it became the third highest in the search engine market stalls. With search engines, you can submit your site or through the Live Search Submit Express, which is believed to link through MSN.
Lycos is a combination of search engines and online directories, like Yahoo. It usually takes four weeks for your site is listed it all depends on when you make a presentation. Spiders Lycos search engine is usually run every four weeks, so if you have just before the next scheduled crawl, chances are your site will be listed quickly enough.
Looksmart is a search engine that specializes in commercial advertising. The search engine is fast gaining ground as webmasters realize the benefits of online advertising. Looksmart disadvantage is that the presentation of your site will cost you an arm and leg with a long waiting period. There is also an express service, but this, of course, have a higher price. nonprofit organizations can submit their sites for free Looksmart.
Northern Light
The search engine Northern Light is becoming increasingly popular because of the level of all serving a new site about 3-4 weeks. The search engine is very easy to use and submit it to not cost you anything.
By displaying the search engines, make sure that the description of your site has more than 24 words. Avoid using HTML tags, and descriptions that may be viewed as a matter of marketing. Filing an application does not guarantee first place on the first page of Google, but it is an important first step to getting a decent exposure for your site.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Little Known Truths on the subject of Domain Privacy.

Youve in the end decided to join the rest of internet and set-up a website to begin your e-Commerce venture. Even though youve prepared detailed marketing plans, and a budget analytic thinking to track online stock list, the one thing you neglected to spend some serious time considering is choosing a creative website domain name. In addition, its just as important to take proactive security measures to prevent solicitors to track your every on the internet move following the crumbs of your domain name.

Domain Privacy 101

Regardless of how much time you’ve spent coming up with a domain name for your website, chances are that it’s already been snatched by someone else with a similar related business. It’s always a wise decision to jot down several domain names that would be appropriate for your website just in case the preferred options are taken. Fact: First options are rarely available!

Competitors are notorious for purchasing related domain names simply for their own personal gains in hopes of tricking potential customers into thinking that they are actually shopping from your website. So, always be careful of competitors’ ploys just to make a few extra bucks.

Another issue that many newbie’s registering website domains fails to realize is that their personal contact is displayed for the entire cyber world to see when your associated domain contact information that’s connected with the domain account is viewable in the WHOIS database. Remember that domain privacy is a feature that may be added on at the time of sign-up for any domain including: com., net, org., info, biz, etc.

Consider privacy protection as a knight in shining amour for those wishing to keep their WHOIS contact information private from potential identity thieves and cyber hackers. The way it works is that specific details of your domain account are substituted with generic information, preventing your personal contact details from being revealed in the WHOIS public database for solicited purposes.

Personal Domain Security in the Home

In today’s Google-ish world, with just a few mouse clicks it’s virtually possible to knock on someone’s front door across the globe. WHOIS search works much the same way as it generates personal names, physical addresses, and occasionally phone numbers based on personal web domain names. Many individuals are acquiring a private domain registration to prevent annoying telemarketers and other unsolicited material. The same is also true for entrepreneurs working from home.

Private domain registration is typically used in households in lieu of businesses ventures. The greatest advantage of private domain registration is to protect your family’s or home-based business’ identity. After the initial registration process of setting-up the domain name, essential personalized data is replaced with “proxy” domain register information.

Whether protecting your personal assets in the office or at home, domain privacy is a security vital tool to prevent cyber hackers from wrecking havoc on your business affairs!


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